In-game description "Your blood turned to acid."
Message when acquired "Your blood turns to acid!"
Message when removed "Your blood no longer is acidic."
Attribute changes None.
Other effects Grants acid immunity; can damage and/or blind attackers

Acid blood is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. While in effect it provides immunity to all acid damage, and if a monster attacks the PC some acid can splash back on the monster (perhaps only if a bleeding wound is caused) — causing some damage and possibly even blinding it for a few turns (if not undead or a construct, or otherwise immune to being blinded).

It is unknown if the corruption has any negative effects, e.g. slowing down HP regeneration


Whether it not it has negative effects, its provision of an elemental immunity and the potential to blind attackers makes it very desirable anyway. It may even save a character's life, if (s)he is engaged in melee while paralyzed and/or by a monster with multiple attacks.

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