Ancient blue dragon
147147 f
Location Blue Dragon Caves
Monster type Dragon
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? No
Sees invisible? Yes
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance Medium
1.1.1 KPL 5

Ancient blue dragons are a type of monster in ADOM. They are notable for their lightning-based breath attack and a corresponding immunity to all shock-based attacks. They also always drop a pile of treasure when killed. They can commonly be found in the aptly named Blue Dragon Caves.

Special abilitiesEdit

  • Immune to shock
  • Sometimes shrugs off bolts and other resistible magic
  • Breathes lightning
  • Can break down doors

Common statsEdit

Level: 2, DV: 35, PV: 20, Hits: 276, Attacks: 3, Damage: 11-41. Speed: 116.
Level: 3, DV: 36, PV: 20, Hits: 286, Attacks: 3, Damage: 11-41. Speed: 116.
Level: 4, DV: 37, PV: 20, Hits: 281, Attacks: 3, Damage: 12-42. Speed: 116.
Level: 12, DV: 42, PV: 22, Hits: 322, Attacks: 4, Damage: 14-44. Speed: 116.

Corpse effectsEdit

Shock resistance and +1 Dexterity.

Monster memoryEdit

This dragon sneers down upon you with contempt. You meets its gaze, and sense the treachery and greed of this terrible foe. Its nearly crystalline scales gleam in the flickering light cast by the electric aura which crackles continually around it. There is a hum of power in the air which makes your hair begin to stand on end. The dragon begins to chuckle ominously as it slithers closer to you.

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