Andor Drakon
Location cHaOs plane
Monster type Demon
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? Yes
Sees invisible? Yes
Sees in the dark? Yes
Magic resistance Medium
1.1.1 KPL N/A

Andor Drakon, the ElDeR cHaOs GoD is the final opponent faced by players attempting either an Ordinary chaos god ending or an ultra ending. He exists on the cHaOs plane, a dimension separated from the reality of the Drakalor Chain by the Chaos Gate. In many respects, simply getting to Andor Drakon is more difficult than actually defeating him; reaching him requires the PC to complete several difficult side-quests in addition to what is necessary to win a normal game. Defeating Andor Drakon requires a significant amount of preparation; he will easily decimate players who forget a critical item, but players who are properly prepared are more likely to be concerned about killing him before the hazardous background corruption of the cHaOs plane transforms their PC into a writhing mass of primal chaos.

Andor Drakon has approximately 10000 health, and the monster memory reveals him to have 80 DV, 50 PV, and a speed of around 200. He takes numerous attacks per turn, which may include physical attacks, casting spells, or summoning. While his to-hit and damage are surprisingly low, his physical attacks penetrate armor and paralyze (unless the PC has resistance); paralysis in this case almost invariably results in a slow and painful death. His melee attack also causes corruption and strength/toughness drain.

Andor Drakon casts several spells of note: first, he is capable of casting death rays, which will instantly kill unprepared PCs and otherwise deal hundreds of points of damage. He is capable of casting darkness and teleportation, draining attributes, and confusing the PC. In addition, he may pass through the walls. He is capable of summoning chaotic creatures including Chaos servants and writhing masses of primal chaos. He is permanently invisible.

Strategies for Killing Andor Drakon


Generally, any PC who wishes to face Andor Drakon needs the following intrinsics:

Death ray and paralysis resistance are necessary to avoid his most lethal attacks; see invisible is necessary to locate him; teleport control is necessary to move quickly about the cHaOs plane to minimize corruption, to track Andor Drakon if he teleports away, and in the event that the PC acquires the astral planes corruption. A light source is also strongly recommended, as are a spare pair of thick gauntlets. Note that the Trident of the Red Rooster provides both death ray resistance and see invisibility. For PCs lacking the trident, the ancient mummy wrapping also provides these intrinsics. Corruption removal is essential for PCs that are not Champions of Law, as these PCs must enter the cHaOs plane extremely corrupted, and will die from corruption within a very small number of turns. Champions of Law require minimal corruption removal, but a few extra scrolls of corruption removal will not go amiss if they are available.

PCs also must be able to inflict a massive amount of damage in a relatively short period of time to avoid death by background corruption or Andor Drakon's massive stat draining. He is vulnerable to humanoid and demon slaying weapons and ammo, including the Trident of the Red Rooster. The twin daggers Needle and Sting are also an acceptable alternative, although PCs pursuing an ultra ending must kill Andor Drakon with the trident equipped to achieve a complete victory.

Potion of cure corruption

Throwing a potion of cure corruption at Andor Drakon makes the fight much easier. This will remove all special properties from his melee attack, making it much less damaging and rendering paralysis resistance unnecessary. It will also remove his ability to teleport, which means he can safely be disabled without having to worry about chasing him across the entire level. Finally, it removes his ability to summon monsters, making it easier to hit him with missiles and to retreat.


Andor Drakon is immune to all debilitating statuses except for blindness. In earlier versions he was also vulnerable to confusion, stunning, and paralysis. Teleporting monsters will frequently teleport while affected by any debilitating status aside from paralysis. As such, blinding Andor Drakon is not advantageous unless his ability to teleport is removed with a potion of cure corruption. A blinded Andor Drakon will be unable to cast spells until he recovers, which renders him mostly harmless.

Acid blood

PCs with the Acid blood corruption should either remove Andor Drakon's ability to teleport or avoid meleeing him.

Thief and Beastfighter stunning

Thieves and Beastfighters both get the ability to stun opponents on melee critical hits. If playing on a version where Andor Drakon is vulnerable to stunning, PCs of these classes should either remove Andor Drakon's ability to teleport or avoid meleeing him.

Fighting in melee

Melee is the riskiest approach to the fight, and the one that benefits the most from weakening Andor Drakon with a potion of cure corruption and blindness. If Andor Drakon is not disabled, he is capable of substituting any of his several attacks for the stat drain spell; killing him quickly is imperative. The Trident of the Red Rooster, Needle and Sting, exceptionally powerful affixed weapons, and other appropriate slaying weapons are sufficient for this task. All weapons should be blessed, since this adds a 50% damage bonus to attacks against him.

Fighting with missiles

Humanoid and demon slaying missiles are highly effective against Andor Drakon, although maintaining a clear line of fire is difficult unless his ability to summon is removed. If the PC avoids being in a straight line with him, he will mostly cast fairly useless elemental spells. The Trident of the Red Rooster and the Rune-covered trident can be used as missiles, although normal slaying ammunition is sufficient.

Fighting with spells

Andor Drakon is capable of draining PP at an incredible rate. In practice, PCs wishing to kill him with spells will need to cast all spells from HP. Further, Andor Drakon appears to gain 1-2 speed for each spell cast. PCs using bolt spells will need to make sure Andor Drakon isn't standing in a wall, and may have to contend with his death rays. Although he can shrug off bolts, this is not a big issue for high-level PCs. PCs using ball spells will need to watch their HP carefully, as HP casting costs have increased since 1.1.1.

Special Considerations


To complete an ultra ending, Beastfighters will need to kill Andor Drakon while wielding the Trident of the Red Rooster. Their penalties to melee weapon combat are severe enough that meleeing him with the trident is impractical. Unarmed melee is also less than ideal due to the lack of blessing and slaying powers. Beastfighters may need to rely on missile attacks for this fight.


Unlike spells, mindcraft is impossible to use with no PP. In addition, Andor Drakon's phasing nature makes him immune to telekinetic mindcraft, and he is immune to confusion.


Paladins who are lucky enough to find Justifier are probably best off using this weapon for the duration of the battle, only switching to the Trident of the Red Rooster at the end. Justifier is a demon slayer, and the damage of all modifiers (including slaying) is doubled when a Paladin strikes with it. Particularly for Paladins with high strength, this will likely outstrip the damage done by the trident.

Bards and Necromancers

Killing Andor Drakon with pets is highly problematic, because he frequently uses teleport and paralysis on them. The fact that pets have no opportunity to get experience does not help either.

Special abilitiesEdit

Common statsEdit

DV: 80, PV: 50, Hits: ~10000, Attacks: 6, Damage: ~57. Speed: 200.

Corpse effectsEdit

Not applicable—once Drakon is slain, the game ends.

Monster memoryEdit

This beast defies any attempts to describe it.

At some point since 1.1.1, a new description was added:

Andor Drakon, absolute master of Chaos, is power personified. Simply looking at him causes your atoms to transform into utter Chaos. His terrible gaze freezes your very movements and you feel his will altering you... far beyond anything you could imagine.

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