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The main purpose of books in ADOM is learning and casting spells.

Learning spellsEdit

If you read a spellbook of a spell you don't know, you will attempt to learn that spell. This will take long or not long at all depending on the spell - Light is easy and quick to learn, while Acid Ball certainly isn't.

Obviously, Wizards and other spellcasters are better at learning spells than others, so while a Wizard will have no trouble reading a spellbook of ice ball, a Barbarian may never be able to successfully learn it.

If, for whatever reason, you fail to read the spellbook properly, there may be repercussions. You may become stunned or confused for some turns, you may randomly teleport to somewhere else on the level, you may turn blind temporarily, you may lose a point of Toughness, or, in the worst case, lose the spellbook in an explosion.

Casting spellsEdit

Once you have successfully learnt a spell, whenever you try reading a spellbook of that type you will be given two options: learn the spell, or cast the spell from the book. If you attempt to learn it again, there is the same chance as before that you will fail. If you succeed in reading it, your knowledge in the spell will increase, granting you higher spell knowledge, allowing you to cast it from memory more often.

You can also choose to cast from the book. This takes approximately three times longer than casting from memory, and requires three times more power points, but does not decrease your knowledge of the spell. Neither does it, however, increase spell effectivity.

It is possible to receive a low amount of spell knowledge from a wand of wonder or a potion of wonder and use the corresponding spellbook to bookcast the spell forever without ever having successfully read the spellbook even once. This is commonly employed by those classes that would have a hard time succeeding in the reading check, like the Barbarian mentioned above.

Spellbook namesEdit

Spellbooks in adom can generally have two possible names. Druids, Paladins, Priests, and Chaos Knights will cast, and find books of, a "clerical" version of the spell (for example "spellbook of Minor Punishment" instead of "spellbook of Magic Missile). The only difference in this case is the name, as both Magic Missile and Minor Punishment are the same spells.

On this page, spellbooks are refered to by both their arcane and clerical names, for easy cross-reference.

  • Note that not all spells have a clerical name. The "Heal" spell, for example, is simply called "Heal" no matter what character type you are.

List of spellbooksEdit

Name Clerical name DL Weight Notes
Spellbook of acid ball Spellbook of rain of sorrow 1 100s
Spellbook of acid bolt 1 100s
Spellbook of bless 1 100s
Spellbook of burning hands Spellbook of baptism of fire 1 100s
Spellbook of calm monster 1 100s
Spellbook of create item Spellbook of divine favor ? 100s
Spellbook of cure critical wounds 1 100s
Spellbook of cure disease 1 100s
Spellbook of cure light wounds 1 100s
Spellbook of cure serious wounds ? 100s
Spellbook of darkness 1 100s
Spellbook of death ray Spellbook of greater divine touch 2 100s
Spellbook of destroy undead Spellbook of dispel undead 1 100s
Spellbook of disarm trap 1 100s
Spellbook of earthquake ? 100s
Spellbook of farsight 2 100s
Spellbook of fire bolt Spellbook of hellish flames 1 100s
Spellbook of fireball Spellbook of major punishment 1 100s
Spellbook of frost bolt Spellbook of nether bolt 1 100s
Spellbook of greater identify Spellbook of greater enlightenment ? 100s
Spellbook of heal 2 100s
Spellbook of ice ball Spellbook of freezing fury 1 100s
Spellbook of identify Spellbook of enlightenment 2 100s
Spellbook of improved fireball Spellbook of invoked devastation 1 100s
Spellbook of invisibility Spellbook of veil of the gods 1 100s
Spellbook of knock Spellbook of divine key 1 100s
Spellbook of know alignment 2 100s
Spellbook of light 1 100s
Spellbook of lightning ball Spellbook of heavenly fury 1 100s
Spellbook of lightning bolt Spellbook of divine wrath 1 100s
Spellbook of magic lock Spellbook of seal of the spheres 1 100s
Spellbook of magic map Spellbook of knowledge of the ancients 1 100s
Spellbook of magic missile Spellbook of minor punishment 1 100s
Spellbook of mystic shovel Spellbook of divine digger 1 100s
Spellbook of neutralize poison 1 100s
Spellbook of petrification 2 100s
Spellbook of remove curse 1 100s
Spellbook of revelation 1 100s
Spellbook of scare monster Spellbook of holy awe 1 100s
Spellbook of slow monster 1 100s
Spellbook of slow poison 1 100s
Spellbook of strength of atlas Spellbook of lordly might 1 100s
Spellbook of stun ray Spellbook of lesser divine touch 1 100s
Spellbook of summon monsters 1 100s
Spellbook of teleportation Spellbook of ethereal bridge 1 100s
Spellbook of web ? 100s
Spellbook of wish ? 100s
Tract of order ? 250s
Tract of balance ? 200s
Tract of chaos ? 150s
The collected works of confucious 1 400s Gives a random Fortune cookie message when read
The Black tome of Alsophocus ? 400s Artifact; provides corruption and knowledge of a random spell when read

Castings per readEdit

The number of castings you receive per time you read a spellbook is heavily dependent on your Learning and Literacy, and also is effected by your Concentration, Mana and the B/U/C status of the spellbook in question.

Testing is being performed to determine the exact effect of each of these variables. See Books/Darkness for the first tests made with a spellbook of darkness.

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