This page contains a list of all the types of bracers in ADOM.

While equipped, iron bracers will cause 1 point of damage per turn to mist elf PCs. Assuming there are no other sources of iron damage, this can be negated by the Immune to Pain talent. Iron bracers are marked with a gray background in the list below.

Name Weight DL DV,PV Notes
Bracers of boxing 8s 1 [+0,+0] Increases unarmed fighting to-hit and damage
Bracers of defense 10s 2 [+2,+0]
Bracers of empowerment 8s ? [+0,+0] Increases PP regeneration rate
Bracers of lifting 8s 1 [+0,+0] Increases carrying capacity
Bracers of piety 8s ? [+0,+0] Increases piety over time
Bracers of precision 8s 1 [+0,+0] Increases missile to-hit
Bracers of protection 10s 2 [+0,+2]
Bracers of purity 10s ? [+0,+0] Prevents background corruption
Bracers of regeneration 18s 12 [+0,+0] Regenerates 1 HP per turn while worn
Bracers of resilience 8s ? [+0,+0] Grants disease resistance
Bracers of resistance 10s 2 [+0,+0] Adds resistance to fire, cold, shock, sleep, and death rays.
Bracers of speed 10s 5 [+0,+0] Adds +4 to speed while worn
Bracers of strength 20s ? [+2,+0] Increases Strength
Bracers of toughness 10s 2 [+0,+0] Adds +4 to Toughness while worn
Brass bracers 10s 2 [+0,+0]
Bracers of war 10s 5 [+8,+4] Artifact; adds +8 to Dexterity, regenerates 1 HP per turn, increases chance of critical hits, grants luck, and adds resistance to stunning, death rays and confusion

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