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This page is a list of all bracers in ADOM.

Name Weight DL DV,PV Notes
Brass bracers 10s 2 [+0,+0]
Bracers of defense 10s 2 [+2,+0]
Bracers of protection 10s 2 [+0,+2]
Bracers of regeneration 18s 12 [+0,+0] Regenerates 1 HP per turn while worn
Bracers of resistance 10s 2 [+0,+0] Adds resistance to fire, cold, shock, sleep, and death rays.
Bracers of speed 18s 5 [+0,+0] Adds +4 to speed while worn
Bracers of toughness 10s 2 [+0,+0] Adds +4 to Toughness while worn
Bracers of war 10s 5 [+8,+4] Artifact; adds +8 to Dexterity, regenerates 1 HP per turn, increases chance of critical hits, grants luck, and adds resistance to stunning, death rays and confusion

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