The Bug Infested Temple is a dangerous area filled with killer bugs and greater claw bugs. In order to access the Bug Cave (shortened by the game to BUGCV), 100 PC deaths must be recorded in the adom.cnt file in the ADOM directory. This file can be editted manually by opening it in a text editor. The check for access to the temple is made when the character is generated, so if a character is denied access to the temple, there is no way to gain access later.

Main FeaturesEdit

The upper level, called BUGWL after its in-game handle, consists of an open area filled mostly with greater claw bugs. In the centre of the map is a stairs heading downward, surrounded by killer bugs. Both types of bugs are very dangerous in melee — capable of attacking numerous times with high to-hit, as well as always penetrating (and sometimes damaging) armor. Killer bugs, in particular, can deal several hundred points of damage per turn if the PC becomes surrounded by them. Because of all of this, engaging these in melee is not recommended — and getting swarmed will pretty much kill anyone in very few turns, even level 50 characters.

Both types of bugs can see invisible and in darkness, have speeds of up to 160, and are immune to mindcraft. Bugs encountered on the top level can be dealt with somewhat safely using missiles; if the PC is powerful enough around the start of the game, they can try to take some bugs out for some early level boosts. Bolt spells may also be used to attack them from a distance, but are not fully reliable since both types of bugs have some degree of magic resistance (unlike in earlier versions of ADOM, such as 1.1.1). They can safely be delayed using webs, or blocked entirely with doors (especially in the cave level).

Symbol Name Notes
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
i Killer bug Minion monster.
i Greater claw bug Minion monster.
] Statue Named statues that have loot when broken.

In the lower level, the character will find himself/herself immediately surrounded by a huge mob of Greater claw bugs. Ball spells, or multiple companions (such as bugs from the upper level), or similar effects are strongly advised to say the least. The remainder of the cave is filled with secret rooms filled with even more killer bugs. If the correct path (covered by secret doors) is taken, the PC will arrive at a large hall filled with bugs, as well as statues of various heroes. Destroying these will (thankfully) stop additional bugs from being generated and yield a number of useful items (although all of these are cursed, which can be remedied):

Many of these should be considered quite desirable (especially the top three, and the quarrels for crossbow users), and all are useful to some extent, with the club and sword being the least desirable (as an eternium two-handed sword, which can commonly be found in Darkforge, is more powerful than either). At the very least, you will never have problems creating a door again.

The cave level is largely diggable, though there are three sections divided by undiggable walls. Once the player reaches one of the small statue rooms at the main hall, it is possible to dig to the others and avoid having to go through the masses of bugs that will invariably gather in the hall, at least until the last statue must be destroyed.

Note that teleportation is allowed in the BUGWL, but not in the BUGCV.




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