The Casino is an area found on D:30 of the Caverns of Chaos, generally one or two floors below the Eternal Guardian. It is home to the game's single largest shop(pe), as well as slot machines that provide unlimited money for purchasing items from the shoppe.

Main FeaturesEdit

Symbol Name Notes
@ Shopkeeper Shopkeeper of the great gift shop, with lots of useful items.
$ Slot Machine Rigged 24-gold slot machine to beat the system with.

The left-hand side of the Casino is dominated by rows of slot machines, as well as assorted non-hostile monsters including Casino guards. Each slot machine will have the PC insert a small amount of cash, and will create a pile of coins at the PC's feet. Testing has revealed that the Casino slot machines are curiously rigged in such a way that the player always wins more money than he invests. In fact, unless the PC has inordinately small amounts of funds, they will always receive a significant payout (up to 24 times their gold on the 24 gold machines). Note that excessive winning at the slots will result in the PC becoming very stunned as well as Hungry! A ring of stun resistance is recommended before playing the slots. Fortunately, the PC cannot starve to death while playing, so it is not necessary to eat before using the slot machines.

Note that as of 1.2.0, playing the slots will corrupt the PC. A neutral PC with 10 Appearance (1 corruption per 1111 CP) will win around a million gold per corruption they gain while gambling.

The right hand side is the Great Gift Shoppe, which is filled with approximately 470 items (plus available restocks) of appropriate danger level for the area, and exactly one master mimic. This means that usually at least a few of these items are very high quality, and most PCs are likely to find an artifact or two in the Casino as well. The prices in the Great Gift Shoppe are outrageous, but given that there is a source of unlimited gold just outside the shop, this is hardly a problem so long as the PC's carrying capacity is high enough to carry all the gold they need to buy their items (a girdle of greed helps). Teleportation operates in a strange (and frustrating) way in the Great Gift Shoppe; upon teleportation, the PC will be immediately teleported next to the Casino shopkeeper. This is particularly annoying for PCs with teleportitis, since it means marching back across the shop each time a random teleport occurs. If the PC attempts to rob the Casino, this restriction will be removed. Non-hostile breeders in the Casino such as chaos rats are probably best aggravated and killed to avoid them infesting the entire level.

PCs who gamble without spending money at the Great Gift Shoppe may find their way downstairs blocked by Hugo, the big casino guard. He will move from the stairs if the PC spends more than (s)he has earned on the slot machines at the shop, or if he becomes hostile. It may also be possible to confuse him and make him stumble off the stairs. As of version 1.2.0, trying to teleport him will not work — he will instead become hostile.

Each slot machines require a different betting amount, ranging between 1-24 gold per bet. Obviously, the player will want to use the 24 gold machines, as these provide the highest possible gold/hour ratio. They are marked on the map below with an x.

Robbing the Casino shop(pe) can be done by any of the same methods as robbing stores, with the same associated risks, with the exception of the aforementioned teleportation restriction. In practice, there is no reason to rob the Casino shop unless the player is opposed in principle to using the slot machines, since a slot machine can produce as much money as required. The Casino shopkeeper himself is worth killing if the PC can manage it, however, since he counts for several hundred thousand experience points. He is a dangerous foe, however, who frequently panics when injured.




Tips for using and abusing the slot machinesEdit

Requirements: Blessed girdle of greed, good standing with deity, and corruption removal.

Because the slot machines can produce an unlimited amount of gold, they are a natural object of exploitation. In version 1.1.1, the only limit to how long you could play the slots was the amount of gold in the PC's inventory, which is not an issue because the PC can pick up the pile of gold spilled out and keep playing. In 1.2.0 however, playing the slots incurs some corruption.

In addition to corruption, handling a slot machine makes the PC stunned and hungry. Rings of stun resistance reduce the duration, but there is no stun immunity. The normal duration seems to be a turn for every use of the slot machine, so if you gambled for an hour, you'll need to stagger for an hour before the stun wears off. For this reason it is advisable to use divine intervention to remove stunned status. Gods will address hunger before stunning, so eat before you pray to avoiding wasting piety. Hunger is less of a problem as the PC cannot starve to death from playing the slots, and will only even reach Starving! status if they were already Hungry! before.

The weight of ludicrous amounts of gold quickly exceeds the carrying capacity even of a PC with 99 strength. The various monsters that wander the casino can pick up gold off the floor, so a blessed girdle of greed is an absolute must-have before you start gambling. Fortunately, such an item is usually found within the vast inventory of the Great Gift Shoppe. An uncursed girdle will not do, since the increase in carrying capacity doesn't keep up with the weight of the gold. A blessed one on the other hand will actually give you more carrying capacity on top of compensating for the gold, making your capacity practically infinite. DO NOT REMOVE THE GIRDLE at that point, or you will be instantly crushed to death by the weight of the gold. If your girdle is destroyed or cursed, you have a one-turn window to either equip another one or drop the weight before being crushed.

The big casino guard will block the down staircase until you've spent all of your earnings at the Great Gift Shoppe, so make sure you have a way to move him or are prepared for a fight before you start gambling. If not, it is usually best to descend and find the Darkforge Shortcut rather than backtrack, in order to avoid corruption.

Once you have the gold, what do you do with it? Infinite gold is considerably more limited in application than infinite wishes. Still, you may find that the game's difficulty level takes a sudden dip after reaching the casino. For this reason, some players consider the slot machines an exploit and refuse to use them on principle.

The most immediate use of the casino gold is buying out the entire Great Gift Shoppe, which usually includes a few artifacts and a ring of djinni summoning. Other shops can of course be cleaned out as well.

Crowning costs a mere 100,000 gold, and additional offerings lead to post-crowning gifts. Altars are guaranteed in Dwarftown and every elemental temple.

In exchange for gold, Garth can train every attribute except for mana and appearance. Investing a billion gold into each attribute will leave the PC periodically upgrading, for all practical purposes, indefinitely. If an attribute is at the limit of the PC's potential when it's supposed to increase, it will instead increase the potential by 1, and then the attribute will increase again at the next opportunity. Note that Garth's training being reduced in effectiveness and unavoidable corruption while gambling make this impractical in the current version of the game.