Charisma is one of the main attributes in ADOM, the sixth value displayed to the right of your character's name. Its abbreviation is Ch.

Purposes Edit

Charisma has only two relatively minor effects:

  • Shop prices: For males, Charisma is the main stat used to determine prices in shops. The attitude of the shopkeeper also heavily depends on his and the character's race. Females use Appearance instead.
  • Companions and pets: Charisma determines the chance that companions and pets will listen to the orders of the player.

Apart from these, Charisma is not known to have significant effects. It is involved in Haggling skill rolls and presumably Music ones as well.

How to train it Edit

As of 1.2.0 stat training respects potentials (meaning training will not raise potential).

Ordering companions Edit

As of version 1.2.0[1] successfully ordering companions trains Charisma. The effect is relatively minor, but nevertheless useful for characters with a low attribute value.

Garth Edit

Pretty much one of two methods to reliably increase Charisma is by spending money to train with Garth. Higher values require progressively higher amounts of gold, meaning there is a soft cap on this method. Low values are fixed with relatively low effort - still, PCs should keep in mind that Charisma is not usually worth even low investments. Still, having a decent Charisma is relatively important if the player plans on drinking a potion of exchange.

How to raise itEdit

Stat potions Edit

As with all of the attributes, potions of charisma and potions of gain attributes can be used to increase Charisma. There is no soft or hard cap for using these; blessed potions of gain attributes give +1 (to all other stats also), uncursed potions of charisma give +1, blessed potions +2 (though whether they are worth holy water is highly doubtful). For this reason, these potions should be drunk once all other methods have stopped working.

Eating Corpses Edit

Great white wyrms increase Charisma by one if eaten, should one ever be defeated and drop its corpse.

Starsign Edit

The Wand starsign grants a +2 Charisma bonus. The Salamander and Falcon starsigns grant +1.

Class powers Edit

  • Bards receive +6 Charisma as part of their level 50 class power.

Talents Edit

The "Charming" talent that is only available at the start of the game increases initial Charisma by 3.

Corruption Edit

There are no corruptions that give bonuses to Charisma.

How to Abuse It Edit

Corruption Edit

  • Unholy aura: -10
  • Babbling mouth: -6
  • Sulphur breath: -4
  • Apish, sweating blood, single eye, maggot breeding: -2

Apart from this, only stat drain will reduce Charisma.

Items Edit

Several items in the game will grant a Charisma bonus if worn (standard bonus in brackets). These include:

Requirements Edit

Charisma Required for
10 Silver Tongue
14 Natural Trader