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Corruption is the means by which the PC is tainted by the essence of Chaos. (S)he can be corrupted by being damaged by a creature of chaos, triggering a corruption trap, eating the corpse of a corrupted creature, or local background corruption. A large amount of corruption can also be gained by drinking a potion of raw chaos. Some powerful artifacts of chaos will corrupt the PC simply by being in his/her possession; equipping them will amplify the effect.

In p21 base corruption points needed to gain corruption was changed from base 1000, to a number influenced by appearance (1000*(0.9+(Ap/100))). [1]. Later on corruption was toned down, empirically looks like initial multiplier was changed from 1000 to 1111. (Given creator's comments it looks that progress to the new corruption is adjusted during appearance changes in a way maintain stable percentage). Each new corruption means that PC gains new abilities, most of them granting some kind of advantage in exchange for some disadvantage.

Some of these abilities are quite powerful, but beware: if the PC becomes fully corrupted, (s)he will be transformed into a writhing mass of primal chaos, and the game will end.

In version 1.2.0, 17 new corruptions were added — bringing the current total to 35. The amount required to corrupt the PC to death still remains at 18; this means that for each PC, it is only possible to get a subset of all possible corruptions. The chosen subset varies from character to character (regardless of race or class). Note that all of the new corruptions added were based partially or fully on suggestions made on the ADOM forums[2].

Additionally, in 1.2.0[3] the corruption system has additional effects for the PC: with a certain number of corruptions the PC will get bonuses to Strength, Dexterity, Toughness and Mana, and a penalty to Willpower, depending on alignment.
The gains or losses to such stats are as follows:

  • If chaotic: (amount of corruptions)/2 point(s)
  • If neutral, (amount of corruptions)/3 point(s)
  • If lawful, (amount of corruptions)/4 point(s)

As of v.1.2.0[4], PCs with lower Appearance acquire corruptions at a faster rate. This means that previously inconsequential Appearance losses now make certain corruptions more detrimental. Also, because about 1 in 2 corruptions reduce Appearance, they cause a cumulative acceleration of the PC's acquisition of new corruptions.

Rough evaluation of all corruptions can be found at this table.

All versionsEdit


Description: Your antennae explore the details of your environment.
Message when acquired: You suddenly grow antennae at your temples!
Message when removed: The antennae growing from your temples suddenly disappear!
Attribute changes: -4 Appearance.
Extra: Periodically reveals map in a circular area around the PC.

Evaluation: see antennae.

Apish lookEdit

Description: You look somewhat apish.
Message when acquired: You suddenly feel that you are stepping backward in evolution.
Message when removed: You seem to integrate into the evolutionary scheme once more.
Effect activation message: You suddenly remember your ancestors.
Attribute changes (accumulative): -1 Learning, -1 Willpower, -2 Charisma, -3 Appearance, +3 Strength.
Extra: Continues to kick in over periods of time further changing attributes. All accumulated changes are removed with the corruption.

Evaluation: see apish look.

Astral attunementEdit

Description: Your close attunement to corrupted astral space allows teleportation.
Message when acquired: You suddenly feel more attuned to the astral planes.
Message when removed: You suddenly feel less attuned to the astral planes.
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: Grants intrinsic teleportitis.

Evaluation: see astral attunement.

Bulging cranium Edit

Description: You have grown a bulging cranium.
Message when acquired: Your cranium suddenly grows to enourmous proportions!
Message when removed: Your cranium shrinks back to normal size.
Attribute changes: -3 Toughness, -4 PV, -6 Appearance, +6 Learning, +4 Willpower.
Extra: None.

Evaluation: see bulging cranium.

Extra eyesEdit

Description: You have grown 10 extra eyes.
Description (version 1.1.1 and before): You have grown a total of 12 eyes.
Message when acquired: Suddenly you grow 10 more eyes in a circle around your head!
Message when removed: Suddenly 10 of your eyes disappear!
Attribute changes: -6 Appearance, +6 Perception.
Extra: May speed up recovery from light traps.

Evaluation: see extra eyes.

Healing tissueEdit

Description: Your corrupted tissue seems to heal much faster.
Message when acquired: Suddenly an unnatural vigor seems to spread through your body!
Message when removed: The unnatural vigor brimming through your veins suddenly is gone.
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: Grants an additional source of natural healing (approx. 20 HP in 100 turns). Occasionally causes scars to appear (-1 Dexterity, -1 Appearance). Scars are not removed with the corruption.

Evaluation: see healing tissue.


Description: Your feet have been transformed into hooves.
Message when acquired: Your feet suddenly transform into hooves!
Message when removed: Your feet are reversed to their normal shape.
Attribute changes: -6 Dexterity.
Extra: Grants a +8 damage bonus to 'k'ick attack.

Evaluation: see hooves.


Description: You have grown horns.
Message when acquired: Suddenly horns sprout from your forehead!
Message when removed: The horns in your forehead disappear!
Attribute changes: -4 Appearance.
Extra: Grants minor melee damage bonus (+2/+3 for weapon/barehanded attacks).

Evaluation: see horns.

Mana batteryEdit

Description: You are a living mana battery.
Message when acquired: You start to absorb mana at an enormous rate.
Message when removed: You no longer absorb mana.
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: Handling wands with positive number of charges drains all charges increasing PC's maximum PP score by 2/1/0 depending on the B/U/C status of the item. Spell costs are reduced to 80% of their value (cumulative with other discounts but not below 50% of base value).

Evaluation: See mana battery.

Poison handsEdit

Description: Poison drips from your hands.
Message when acquired: Suddenly a poisonous fluid begins to drop from your hands!
Message when removed: The fluid dripping from your hands suddenly is gone.
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: Monsters will become poisoned when hit in melee, potions turn into potions of poison when handled, food becomes cursed when handled. Effects can be cancelled completely with thick gauntlets and reduced with alchemistic gloves/Shezestriakis.

Evaluation: See poison hands.


Description: You rage!
Message when acquired: Suddenly a great hatred and anger takes control of you.
Message when removed: You calm down.
Attribute changes: -9 DV.
Extra: Grants a +6 melee damage bonus.

Evaluation: see rage (corruption).


Description: Your skin is covered by tough scales.
Message when acquired: Suddenly your skin is transformed into tough scales!
Message when removed: Your scales transform into natural skin!
Attribute changes: -6 Dexterity, -4 Appearance, +8 PV.
Extra: None.

Evaluation: see scales.

Stiff musclesEdit

Description: Your muscles have stiffened slowing you down.
Message when acquired: Your muscles suddenly stiffen slowing you down greatly.
Message when removed: The stiffness disappears from your muscles.
Attribute changes: +2 Strength, +4 PV.
Extra: Increases energy cost of all actions by 1.5x (other EP penalties/bonuses may cause imprecise results).

Evaluation: see stiff muscles.

Sulphuric breathEdit

Description: You exhale sulphur.
Message when acquired: You start to exhale sulphuric clouds!
Message when removed: Your breath suddenly is normal once more!
Attribute changes: -4 Charisma.
Extra: Grants Drakeling racial ability to spit acid at the cost of satiation points.

Evaluation: See sulphuric breath.

Thin and nimbleEdit

Description: You have become extremely thin and nimble.
Message when acquired: Suddenly your body becomes extremely lean and your reflexes speed up!
Message when removed: Your body becomes thicker and you assume your usual shape! Your reflexes slow down once more.
Attribute changes: +6 DV.
Extra: Reduces PC's weight and increases hunger rate. Required to access the Quickling Tree.

Evaluation: See thin and nimble.


Description: You have grown thorns.
Message when acquired: Suddenly thorns grow from your hands!
Message when removed: The thorns in your hands suddenly retard and disappear!
Attribute changes: -2 Dexterity, -3 Appearance.
Extra: Replaces base 1d3 barehanded damage with 3d3. Causes minor damage when acquired which may kill on very low HP.

Evaluation: see thorns.

Unholy auraEdit

Description: You are surrounded by an unholy aura.
Message when acquired: You are suddenly emitting an unholy aura!
Message when removed: The unholy aura surrounding you suddenly disappears.
Attribute changes: -10 Charisma, +6 DV.
Extra: Occasionally makes monsters to flee. Can turn shopkeepers hostile.

Evaluation: See unholy aura.

Very lightEdit

Description: You have become very light.
Message when acquired: You suddenly lose a *lot* of weight.
Message when removed: Your suddenly gain a *lot* of weight.
Attribute changes: -6 Strength, -6 Toughness, -6 Appearance, +4 Dexterity, +20 speed.
Extra: Required to access the Quickling Tree.

Evaluation: see very light.

Version 1.2.0 and laterEdit

Acid bloodEdit

Description: Your blood turned to acid.
Message when received: Your blood turnes to acid!
Message when removed: Your blood no longer is acidic.
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: Grants intrinsic acid immunity. Opponents inflicting melee damage on the PC may be slightly damaged and blinded for several turns.

Evaluation: see acid blood.

Babbling mouthEdit

Description: You sport a babbling mouth on your forehead that rants and raves dark secrets.
Message when received: You sprout a babbling mouth on your forehead that rants and raves!
Message when removed: The babbling mouth on your forehead disappears.
Attribute changes: -6 Charisma, -6 Appearance, -4 Perception, +8 Learning.
Extra: Makes PC periodically cast a random spell draining all PP but granting a low number of spell knowledge points. Presumably makes the PC automatically fail all Stealth checks (including the check to receive the weird tome).

Evaluation: see babbling mouth.

Black eyesEdit

Description: Your eye(s) turned black.
Message when received: Your eyes turn black! or Your eye turns black!.
Message when removed: Your eyes return to normal. or Your eye returns to normal.
Attribute changes: +3 Perception.
Extra: Grants see invisible intrinsic.

Grants the see invisible intrinsic, in addition to extra Perception. One of two corruptions with no negative effects whatsoever (the other being thriving on the flesh of order).

Bloody sweatEdit

Description: You sweat blood.
Message when received: You start to sweat blood!
Message when removed: You no longer sweat blood.
Attribute changes: -2 Charisma, -4 Appearance, +5 speed.
Extra: Unknown if any.

Evaluation: see bloody sweat.

Bronze bonesEdit

Description: Your bones are made from bronze.
Message when received: Your bones turn into bronze!
Message when removed: Your bones no longer are made from bronze.
Attribute changes: -2 Dexterity, -2 DV, +3 PV.
Extra: None.

A fair exchange of dodging abilities for protection, even for Archers. Certainly not one of the most dangerous corruptions.

ChAoS handsEdit

Description: You are attached to ChAoS corrupting your foes.
Message when acquired: You embrace the essence of ChAoS!
Message when removed: You feel somewhat less attached to ChAoS...
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: Melee attacks will corrupt opponents.

Evaluation: see ChAoS hands.

ChAoS whisperEdit

Description: The voice of ChAoS whispers disturbing secrets into your thoughts.
Message when acquired: You suddenly hear the constant whispering of ChAoS in your thoughts!
Message when removed: The constant whisper of ChAoS suddenly is silenced.
Attribute changes: -6 Willpower, +4 Learning, +2 Mana.
Extra: None.

Evaluation: see ChAoS whisper.

Cold bloodEdit

Description: Your blood is freezingly cold.
Message when received: Your blood freezes!
Message when removed: Your blood returns to normal warmth!
Attribute changes: -2 Dexterity, -1 Appearance, -10 speed.
Extra: Grants Drakelings' racial feature of cold-blooded physiology.

Evaluation: see cold blood.


Description: Your bodily tissues seem to be in a state of decay requiring a lot of will to stay up.
Message when received: Your body starts to decay!
Message when removed: Your body gets rid of all decay.
Attribute changes: -5 Strength, -5 Appearance, -10 speed, +10 Willpower.
Extra: Halves the rate of HP regeneration (natural and magically induced).

Evaluation: see decay.

Devour OrderEdit

Description: You thrive on the flesh of Order.
Message when received: You yearn to consume Order!
Message when removed: You no longer hunger for Order!
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: Eating corpses of lawful beings grants a temporary 1d100 speed boost.

Evaluation: see devour Order.


Description: You sport gills.
Message when received: You grow gills!
Message when removed: Your gills disappear.
Attribute changes: -3 Appearance.
Extra: Grants intrinsic water breathing.

Evaluation: see gills.

Hate the sunEdit

Description: You hate the sun and try to blot it.
Message when received: You start to hate the sun.
Message when removed: You no longer hate the sun.
Attribute changes: None.
Extra: PC will periodically darken tiles in his/her immediate vicinity.

Evaluation: see hate the sun.


Description: Your flesh continually spouts disease-ridden maggots.
Message when received: Your flesh starts to spout disease-ridden maggots!
Message when removed: Your flesh stops spouting disease-ridden maggots.
Attribute changes: -6 Toughness, -2 Charisma, -4 Appearance, +4 DV.
Extra: Occasionally spawns a tame white/red/brown/purple/green worm. Spawning a worm deals minor damage.

Evaluation: see maggots.

Merged eyesEdit

Description: Your frontal eyes have merged to form one larger eye.
Message when received: Your frontal eyes merge to form one larger eye!
Message when removed: Your central eye separates into two smaller eyes.
Attribute changes: -2 Charisma, -2 Appearance, +4 Perception.
Extra: The perception bonus is lost whenever the PC is wearing headgear.

Note that the positive part of the corruption will not occur if PC is wearing headgear, which limits its usefulness. Otherwise, a useful tradeoff.

Mists of ChAoSEdit

Description: Your eyes are shrouded by the mists of ChAoS.
Message when received: The mists of ChAoS shroud your eyes!
Message when removed: The mists of ChAoS no longer cover your eyes.
Attribute changes: -10 Perception.
Extra: Grants see invisible intrinsic.

Evaluation: see mists of ChAoS.


Description: Your legs have stretched into long, fragile stilts.
Message when received: Suddenly your legs grow into enormous fragile stilts!
Message when removed: Suddenly your legs return to normal length.
Attribute changes: -4 PV, -6 Appearance.
Extra: Reduces movement energy cost by 0.25x (stacks with other bonuses — seven league boots, Barbarian's, Beastfighter's, Ranger's and Monk's class powers). Grants a -4 'k'ick attack damage malus.

Evalution: see stilts.

Tentacle mouthEdit

Description: Your mouth has turned into a writhing mass of prehensile tentacles.
Message when received: Your mouth collapses into a writhing mass of prehensile tentacles!
Message when removed: Your mouth returns to normal.
Attribute changes: -15 Appearance, +6 Dexterity.
Extra: Introduces a significant chance for spellcasting, 'c'hatting and ventriloquism to fail .

Evaluation: see tentacle mouth.


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