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Easter eggs are hidden secrets in a game. ADOM contains many hidden amusing secrets for those who keep their eyes open.

Battle Bunny LevelEdit

The battle bunny level (and Bugs the Bunny Master) are a shout-out to Bugs Bunny.

The collected works of confuciousEdit

A reference to famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius.

Thomas Biskup wishEdit

If a player wishes for "Thomas Biskup", the game produces message '"*Thou shalt not mock the Creator*!"'.

Monster MemoryEdit

The monster memory contains joke information on many testers and contributors to ADOM, as follows (in no particular order): Thomas Biskup, Ronald Neumann, Katie Sehorn, Richard Fowler, Torsten Edelmann, Adam Taylor, John Michaud, Adam Rixey, David Loewenstern, Stefanie Woll, Dwight McDowell, Greg Wooledge, Chris Koeberle, Tom Nowacki, Chris Ingersoll, Laurence Brothers, Erwin Mascardo and William Tanksley. Possibly more.

In ADOM v. 1.2.0, entries were added for the rest of the team that worked on the development of the game since said version: "Jochen", "Ravenmore", "Soundwizard" and "Zeno".

In addition, the monster memory will also display information on the PC upon entering his or her name, reflecting their attributes.

The siEdit

The si is a reference to an item with the same name which originated in an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game, as explained in the readme. In summary, while playing AD&D one of Thomas Biskup's friends found the word "si" written on his equipment list, for no specific reason. There was no obvious way to use it, just like the si is largely useless in ADOM.

Naming ShenanigansEdit

When the PC attempts to rename his/her character, the message "This ugly monster is already named "pcname".

You can, however, still rename your character.

IBM Guild Manual Edit

The IBM Guild Manual is a rare scroll that permanently confuses the PC when read. It is a reference to the confusing nature of the manuals for IBM products.

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