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Fighters are a rather unassuming class geared heavily toward defensive fighting with heavy missile support. Their class powers are not nearly so impressive as, for example, Barbarians in terms of damage or maneuverability, but do provide significant long-term defensive bonuses that, combined with a strong skill set featuring Find Weakness, Archery, Dodge, and Athletics and generally excellent starting gear makes Fighters a safe, if somewhat boring, choice. Conventional pairings for a Fighter are drakelings or dwarves since both start with excellent starting gear, Toughness and Strength, and complement the Fighter's skill set well. Players wishing to take advantage of the strong archery abilities of Fighters may wish to try more agile races (elves or hurthlings).

Basic Information Edit

Base Stats Edit

The base stats for male Fighters are tabulated below. Female Fighters will, on average, have -1 Strength and +1 Dexterity compared to males. Note that any value may vary from these typical values by around +/-5 due to starsigns or birth effects, and further if the question system is not employed. See Talk:Archer for details on how these tables were generated. Fighters typically receive a large bonus to Strength, Toughness, and Willpower. Most Fighters are likely to be literate, although there are a number of borderline cases.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 16 13 13 12 15 9 11  10 12 
Troll 29  5 10  10  26  6 6
High Elf 16 14  12 19  12  9 16 13  17 
Gray Elf 16  14  13 17  10 8 21 15  17 
Dark Elf 14 10  16 19  13 7 14 16 15
Dwarf 19  11  14 11 19 10 10 13
Gnome 14  11  12 15 16 11  11 14 13
Hurthling 10 10  13 19  18 11  11 8 12
Orc 22  13 12  19 8 8 6
Drakeling 21 10  16 11  19 10 11 

Starting Skills Edit

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Archery 15 4d4 No
Athletics 35 4d5 No
Climbing 30 4d4 N/A
Dodge 15 4d5 No
Find Weakness 10 4d4 No
First Aid 25 4d4 N/A
Haggling 25 3d4 N/A
Listening 25 3d4 N/A
Metallurgy 15 3d5 No
Stealth 10 3d4 Yes
Swimming 25 3d4 Yes
Two Weapon Combat 10 4d5 Yes

Crowning Gifts Edit

Unfortunately, four of the weapons available are two-handed, which is not ideal for a class that tends to be more defensively inclined; however, both Vanquisher and Grod are very desirable weapons nonetheless because of their high damage and slaying powers. Obviously Protector and Bracers of war are both excellent and extremely desirable artifacts.

Special Abilities Edit

Class Abilities Edit

Class Powers Edit

  • Level 6: +7% PV added to armor. This amounts to +1 PV for every 14 PV already held by armor.
  • Level 12: +50% DV from Dodge skill. This adds a maximum of +5 DV (at skill level 100).
  • Level 18: +15% PV added to armor. This amounts to +1 PV for every 7 PV already held by armor. Not cumulative with level 6 class power.
  • Level 25: Critical hit rate increase by 10%.
  • Level 32: +25% PV added to armor. This amounts to +1 PV for every 4 PV already held by armor. Not cumulative with level 6 or 18 class powers.
  • Level 40: Can use a bash attack that deals 20% more damage and may stun opponents for an increased energy cost (base attack cost + 500).
  • Level 50: For an energy cost of 3500, the Fighter may attack every opponent adjacent to them.

Starting Gear Edit

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling

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