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This page lists all available types of girdles in ADOM.

Common girdles Edit

Name Weight DL Base stats Notes
Leather girdle 5s 1 [+0, +0]
Metal girdle 25s 1 [+0, +1]
Mithril girdle 20s 3 [+0, +2]
Adamantium girdle 18s 7 [+0, +3]
Eternium girdle 12s  ? [+0, +4]
Girdle of weight 40s 2 [+0, +0] Weighs excessive amount when worn
Money belt 5s 8 [+0, +0] Prevents pickpocketing
Girdle of greed 7s 1 [+0, +0] Adds carrying capacity that depends on amount of gold carried
Girdle of carrying 15s 1 [+0, +0] Adds carrying capacity
Girdle of strength 15s 1 [+0, +0] {St+1}
Girdle of giant strength 30s  ? [+0, +0] {St+12}

Artifact girdles Edit

Name Weight Base stats Extra Notes
Celestrix 25s [+13, +13] Grants doomed intrinsic; increases Charisma by 8; grants resistance to poison, sleep and death rays; grants immunity to shock attacks; grants increased regeneration and see invisible intrinsic;
True Strength 20s (+3, +0) [+18, +9] Increases Willpower and speed by 15; grants resistance to confusion, poison and death rays; increases luck, grants Lucky and Fate smiles intrinsics; grants increased regeneration; Rewarded on D:50 to true Paragons of Order

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