Gloves of carrying ( [ )
Item Type Gauntlets
Artifact? No
Weight 6s
Danger Level 1
Material Leather

Gloves of carrying a type of gauntlets in ADOM. They have base stats of [+0, +0], though these do vary from time to time.

When non-cursed, wearing these increases the amount of weight the PC can carry:

  • Uncursed: BC is increased by half the weight of items wielded.
  • Blessed: BC is increased by weight of items wielded * 0.9.
  • Cursed: BC is reduced by weight of items wielded * 3.

See the article on carrying capacity for more information. Cursed gloves do not allow to equip/unequip rings.


Moderately useful if the player needs to haul some extra weight, since to receive a large boost, the PC must be wearing and wielding heavy items to begin with.

Guaranteed/Common sourcesEdit

They can be obtained in the same manner as all generic loot.

Greater Identify informationEdit

---------------------- uncursed gloves of carrying [+0, +0]--------------------

When used in melee combat it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1 points of
damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1
points of damage.

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.