Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? Granted
Wishable N/A

Can affect shop prices when applied on a shopkeeper.

Manual infoEdit

This skill allows the haggling down of prices for items. Charisma is also important, but a PC good at haggling probably will have few problems to make a bargain. Please note that although you might have bargained successfully at times, the price for individual items won't necessarily go down since ADOM drops all fractions and rounds prices.


Mostly regarded as a useless skill.

Charisma grants an initial discount and haggling can increase it. You have only 10 attempts per shop. Failing a haggling check actually raises prices in shop. However, reducing prices is limited to a 30% discount after which the shopkeeper booms about x (random number each time) kids he needs to feed. The same maximal effect can be achieved with high Charisma (25+ in most cases) without any haggling. Even worse, if one increase and one decrease are received, as it is most likely to be a net increase in prices.

It can be used in some tough situations in the early game if the PC is slightly short of cash, but it is recommended to give up after the first failure.

Advanced usesEdit



Granted to all PCs.


Probably by using it.

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