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This page is a complete list of all headgear in ADOM.

Common headgearEdit

Name DL Weight Stats Notes
Hood 1 3s [+0,+0]
Hat 1 4s [+0,+0]
Leather cap 1 5s [+0,+0]
Bone helmet 1 40s [+0,+1]
Metal cap 1 50s [+0,+1]
Silver helmet 7 50s [+0,+0]
Iron crown 20 65s [+0,+1]
Horned helmet 1 100s [+1,+1]
Orcish helmet 2 100s [+1,+2] Lowers Perception by two while worn
Mithril cap 6 40s [+0,+2]
Adamantium cap 12 36s [+0,+2]
Eternium cap 18 28s [+0,+4]
Diadem of beauty 6 35s [+0,+0] Adds +4 to Appearance
Helm of beauty 7 50s [+0,+0] Adds +1 to Appearance
Helm of leadership 7 100s [+1,+2] Adds +6 to Charisma
Helm of mental stability 6 100s [+0,+1] Adds +1 to Learning; grants resistance to confusion
Helm of teleportation 8 50s [+0,+1] Grants Teleportitis
Helm of water breathing 10 30s [+0,+1] Grants Water breathing
Crown of fire 9 65s [+1,+2] Grants immunity to fire
Crown of ice 20 65s [+1,+2] Grants immunity to cold
Crown of lightning 20 65s [+0,+1] Grants shock immunity; adds +5 to speed
Crown of regeneration 20 55s [+0,+0] Grants regeneration

Artifact headgearEdit

Name Weight Stats Notes
Crown of science 65s [+4,+8] Autocursing; grants immunity to fire; adds +9 to Learning; curses and dooms; can be found in Darkforge
Crown of chaos 500s (-6,-6) [+0,+15] Adds +10 to Mana and speed; grants resistance to death rays and confusion; contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption; curses and dooms; carried by Keriax in the Ancient Stone Circle
Iron Crown of Havlor 65s (-6,-6) [+12,+12] Adds +4 to Learning
Crown of leadership 65s [+2,+7] Adds +18 to Charisma; grants the see invisible intrinsic; grants poison and confusion resistance
Crowned spiked helmet of chaos lordship 90s (+3,+0) [+2, +12] Added in v. 1.2.0; adds +6 to Strength; grants resistance to confusion and sleep; grants see invisible and water breathing; spreads terror; presumably can only be generated as a crowning gift for Chaos Knights

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.

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