Material required? none
80/100 giving extra checks? no
Obtainable in game? yes
Wishable no

Increases HP recovery.

Manual infoEdit

Healing covers long-term treatment of wounds and diseases. Long-term treatment is used automatically. A high healing skill allows for a quicker hit point recovery. Additionally, the chances to survive wasting sicknesses are greatly increased by a high healing skill.


In a rather linear fashion, it increases hit point regeneration up to around 8 HP per 100 turns at a skill value of 100. This health gain is based on rolling for regeneration every turn, so figures quite higher (or lower) than 8 are possible.

Sickness slows healing rate significantly.

Advanced usesEdit

Candle-born and Healers get more HP back. Candle grants 2 HP instead of 1 every time the Healing skill is triggered.

Sickness: healing skill seems to reduce both length of sickness and chance of final fever. However, you need rather high Healing for the bonus to be reliable, and it is still recommended that you heal sickness ASAP, if it was not intentional.

Level 18+ Healers have the ability to use the skill on others. Seemingly it can be used on poisoned pets, though the actual effect is not known.


Classes : Beastfighter, Druid, Duelist, Elementalist, Healer, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Wizard.

via. Quests:

Character needs to either save the Yrrigs by leading him to Jharod and be non-chaotic, or receive quest to kill Jharod and report to the crime lord. Non-chaotic PCs that save Yrrigs can ask to learn the skill from Jharod; the PC will then learn the skill with about 20 points, but no side effects. Alternatively Kranf Niest will teach PCs that complete the Kill Jharod quest the skill with 60 points; but his method also decreases the PC's Willpower, Appearance, and Learning by 1d3 each.

Alternatively, for non-chaotics, it is possible to “show mercy”. According to testing, throwing healing potions at hostile monsters doesn't satisfy this request, but using healing spells on such monsters does... as long as their injuries weren't inflicted by the PC in the first place. The PC is not considered responsible for monsters being injured by traps that (s)he created. Using the Healer's level 18+ power of applying first aid on other creatures works similarly (as long as the target wasn't injured by the PC).


Regaining HP using this skill. Having two sources of regeneration might make training this skill up rather hard.

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