In-game description "Your feet have been transformed into hooves."
Message when acquired "Your feet suddenly transform into hooves!"
Message when removed "Your feet are reversed to their normal shape."
Attribute changes -6 Dexterity
Other effects +8 damage from kicks

Hooves is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It increases the damage dealt by 'k'icking attacks, but also comes with a major loss of Dexterity.


With this bonus, a Monk's kick may be more powerful than normal barehanded attacks. Some testing has shown that it might help monks kick down walls. Kicks from Chaos Knights who start with hooves may initially be stronger than their normal melee attacks, but soon enough they get outclassed by better weapons and marks. The additional kick damage does stack with the kicking boost from the artifact Moloch's Thorns to create a strong kicking attack even for mid to late-game characters. Another benefit for Chaos Knights is to engage peaceful monsters in combat, starting with a powerful kick attack. For all other classes, hooves are a useless loss of Dexterity.

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