Locked doors Edit

Basics Edit

Locked doors are closed doors which do not open via the "o"pen command and require some means to make them passable. They also have the potential to be trapped.

Opening locked doors Edit

The safest way of opening a locked door is zapping an uncursed or blessed wand of knocking in their direction - this can be done from few squares distance, reducing the danger of creatures behind the door closing on you and attacking before you can fight back.

Other safe ways include:

  • casting the Knock spell on them
  • unlocking with the proper blessed key
  • throwing an anvil or huge rock from some distance, unluckily this destroys the door (as opposed to simply opening it) and, in the case of the door being trapped, it also destroys the anvil/huge rock
  • using the mindcrafter power Telekinetic Blast, this always destroys untrapped doors but has no effect on trapped ones
  • bypassing via digging/teleportation
  • ordering a pet that can smash doors to walk through it
  • using the Silver key, which is an artifact tool that can open all doors

Non-safe ways:

  • Kicking it down - some players recommend trying to open doors multiple times before kicking it, so as to set off any traps, as you really do not want be blind stunned and surrounded by multiple opponents
  • Using uncursed and especially cursed keys. These might set off traps and break in process
  • Using the Pick locks skill, as this always sets of a trap if one is present

Locking doors Edit

Under some conditions player might want to lock doors to isolate part of the level or to stop monsters from pursuing the PC.

General ways (most work on open door so there is no direct need to close and the lock door, unless the monster is directly next to door and the method used has chance to fail):

  1. wand of door creation sometimes creates locked doors, which usually are trapped. Very unreliable.
  2. wand of trap creation if zapped on "doorway" square will create trapped and locked door instead of a conventional trap. Additionally, zapping a trap creation wand on an existing door will close and trap it.
  3. cursed wand of knocking - will lock door
  4. casting Magic Lock
  5. applying the Pick locks skill on unlocked door. This method has a chance to fail.
  6. naturally using the Silver key
  7. Using a regular key of the correct type. Non-blessed ones might break in the process.

Door traps Edit

There are six door traps which appear in a set pattern left to right, top to bottom:

number trap description
1 collapsing door door drops straight in front of the doorway. There is a chance to dodge it by jumping backwards (if there is space available), can be avoided by not standing directly in front of the door. Might cause some item destruction.
2 booby trap Causes a fireball with centered at the door's location. Will damage monsters, including cats and pets. Pets will turn hostile if caught in this fireball, even for Bards. Might cause some item destruction as a normal fireball would.
3 stone block Drops a stone block straight in front of the doorway. There is a chance to dodge by jumping backwards (if there is space available), can be avoided by not standing directly in front of the door.
4 explosive rune Causes damage and can destroy items. Can be partially evaded; it is speculated that it is easier to evade by not being in front of the door.
5 stunning rune If the PC has stun resistance you just receive a message about getting a minor shock, without it there is a chance of being stunned. In addition, the PC might be blinded.
6 blinding trap Might blind the PC.

Tips: Clearly, standing diagonally to the door is advised as this allows you to totally avoid 1/3 of the traps. In addition, putting on something like ring of stun resistance is recommended due to stun traps.

Keys Edit

There are six keys appearing in a certain pattern left to right, top to bottom:

  • Round
  • Triangular
  • Hexagonal
  • Small
  • Tiny
  • Square.

A set of blessed keys is a nearly foolproof means of dealing with doors and door traps. Keys can be bought from Skriek; for female characters the prices are rather reasonable. Uncursed keys have chance to set a trap, break, and turn to dust when applied. Cursed is even worse in this aspect [quantification needed].

Pattern drift Edit

Door keys and door traps both have a pattern of six, which leads to the fact that all doors with same key on the same level can have only one type of trap.


Round-keyed doors on D:1 always have only trick door traps on this level (others can be calculated by the tables).

Key-trap connection is shifted down by one, so round keys represent booby traps on CoC2 and so on.

Further testing for other dungeons will be needed - as of today there is clear evidence that drift does not happen in ID.

For ID:

round - stunning charge
triangular - flash trap
hexagonal - trick door
small -booby fire
tiny	- stone blocks
square - explosive rune

is always true.

In 1.2.0 key types and traps are randomized, thus trap on the door can not be predicted.

Monsters breaking doors Edit

Some monsters are able to break down locked doors. A full list of these monsters can be found here.

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