Character IntroductionEdit

Example was a Male Human Fighter I started last monday. Because his aim was to be as clichéd a character as possible, he started with negative hit points and died immediately.

Game SummaryEdit

              His achievements during his adventures:

Example, the human Fighter, died due to being a freaking stupid moron who started the game on a monday. As Garfield would say, "I hate mondays".
He scored 704 points.
He survived for 0 years, 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds (1 turn).
Example visited 1 place.
His perception score was modified by +1 during his career.
He ended his adventuring life in the wilderness.
He did not manage to vanquish any monsters.
He had the following talents: Alert, Ambidextrous.
He had a final speed score of 100 (final base speed: 100).
He was not particularly religious.
He did not ask for divine help.
He was neutrally aligned.

Inventory itemsEdit

(please only list notable items here, to save on size and make it easier for us to read)

Tools (']')
   A - heap of 3 uncursed torches                                        [30s]
   B - uncursed box with flint and steel (7)                              [5s]
   C - blessed tinderbox (14)                                             [3s]
Food ('%')
   D - uncursed iron ration                                             [100s]
Valuables ('$')
   E - 33 gold pieces                                                     [0s]

Notable dungeon featuresEdit

(this section is for recording notable features of levels. Things like rivers, alters, any surges of power, and the like.) (I'm looking at the time and it's unlikely that I'll be able to finish this before I leave. So in the unlikely event of someone seeing this page before I return... please leave comments on the talk page, but don't edit. Thanks :) Ascyron 21:03, August 27, 2010 (UTC))

Caverns of Chaos Puppy cave Druid/Village Dungeon
D1: PC1: VD/DD1:
D2: PC2: VD/DD2:
D3: PC3: VD/DD3:
D4: PC4: VD/DD4:
D5: PC5: VD/DD5:
D6: PC6: VD/DD6:
D7: Small Cave VD/DD7:
D8: SMC: Terinyo
D9: Unremarkable Dungeon Terinyo:
D10: UD1: Lawenilothehl
D11: UD2: BVL:
D12: UD3: Gremlin Cave
D13: UD4: GRD:
D14: UD5: Tomb of the High Kings
D15: UD6: UC1:
D16: UD7: UC2:
D17: UD8: UC3:
D18: High Mountain Village UC4:
D19: HMV: UC5:
D20: Assassins Guild UC6:
D21: DDL: Rift Dungeon
D22: VDDL: RL1:
D23: ????: RL2:
D24: Pyramid RL3:
D25: PL1: RL4:
D26: PL2: RL5:
D27: PL3: RL6:
D28: Non-descript Cave RL7:
D29: NDC: RL8:
D30: Darkforge RL9:
D31: DFG: Library
D32: Tower of Eternal Flames Library:
D33: ToEF1: Dwarven Graveyard
D34: ToEF2:
D35: ToEF3:
D36: Quickling Tree
D38: Bug Temple
D39: Water Dragon Cave
D41: Blue Dragon Cave Scintillating Cave
D46: Unreal Caves
Chaos Plane Mana Temple

Note that the shortcut level (S:2) and the Minotaur Maze have both been left off this list. In (almost) all games (my ones at least), there seems to be nothing unusual about these levels. You can always write below this table if something does happen there. Ascyron 06:12, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

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