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The best way of losing cursed stuff is not to get it equipped in first place, but what are you to do if you have a cursed rusty broken spear blocking your autocursing gauntlets of peace, which in turn do not allow you to do anything with your two cursed rings of damage?

Uncursing Edit

  1. Scrolls of uncursing - an uncursed scroll uncurses one item, a blessed scroll uncurses your whole inventory. These are fairly common, so in hard situations you might might want to read-identify all the scrolls you have. 
  2. Remove Curse spell - this removes a curse from a single item. It is hard to learn for non-spellcasters, costing 50 PP before modifiers, and 150 PP to bookcast, provided you can hit 100 spell knowledge. You could also learn the spell through a wand of wonder, though this is highly unlikely.
  3. Praying - your deity might remove curses from one equipped item, unless it is in the missile slot (which allows you to remove cursed items). It is a rather costly favour. Keep in mind that while your deity might uncurse your bunch of 90 herbs in the tool slot in one go, you will pay a lot more in piety than you would to uncurse one item!

Blessing Edit

Dipping ("!" command) an item in a potion of holy water blesses it instantly. Unluckily, the Bless spell does not work on items. 

Blessed scroll of repair Edit

It is possible to move an item's status one step up (cursed into uncursed, uncursed into blessed) by reading a blessed scroll of repair on it. However, only broken items can be targeted by a blessed scroll of repair.  So, if your cursed item is not also broken, you must first read a cursed scroll to break it (or find some other way to break it), and then a blessed one to fix it and raise its B/U/C status. This is usually very impractical; by the time you are able to spend two scrolls of repair, one cursed and one blessed, you most likely have access to easier methods of uncursing. However, scrolls of repair can target item stacks of any size, unlike holy water (which has a 19s limit), meaning this method is resource-efficient as a means of blessing large stacks of items. 

Note that as of ADOM 1.2.0 Prerelease 11, scrolls of repair can no longer break normally unbreakable items[1].

Morphing stuff Edit

Dipping items into a potion of raw chaos or blessed potion of exchange will change the item into another of its type, removing it from your body. Keep in mind that if you are using raw chaos potions, there is a risk of explosion, which does up to 200 HP of damage and corrupts heavily.

Using monsters Edit

Disarming monsters will gladly help you get rid of any weapon, including cursed ones. The most common ones are ratling fencers and master swordsmen. Some players cycle through their weaponry upon meeting these monsters, thus partially identifying weapons without much risk. The Mad Minstrel has a disarming attack, so in desperate situations you might use him - as long as you can live with losing both the reward of cashing in the weird tome and the chance to perform an ultra ending.

If you are planning to acquire Healing in the chaotic way, the mad doctor will remove any helmet you are wearing; it will be dropped at your position and left there when you is teleported at the end of the session. This is a good time to cycle through those leather caps.

Most non-eternium weaponry can be corroded to destruction by ochre jellies and gray oozes. Just don't kill the last of these breeders, to avoid becoming stuck with a 1d8-9 weapon.

Rust monsters can be allowed to rust worn iron-made items to dust while standing next to you.

Some monsters with acid or fire attacks can be used to destroy undesired cursed equipment, although this is somewhat risky due as this can damage you and more of your equipment.

Annihilators and eyes of destruction have item destroying attacks, which might be useful, although annihilators are probably too dangerous for this.

Destroying stuff Edit

Scrolls of item destruction might be employed but these require at least four items, so if you only have one item to get rid of these only work 25% of time.

Angering your god might cause item destruction. This is a rather desperate method, usually achieved by just continuously praying until your stuff is destroyed. Do unequip anything you don't want to destroy first.

Traps (acid, fireball) might be used to destroy vulnerable stuff by intentionally setting them off. If you have proper resistances, and/or create the trap in a controlled place these, can be used rather safely. With double acid resistance, an acid trap only does 1 HP damage per activation.

The Tower Of Eternal Flames can also be used in a similar fashion, especially by dropping equipment you don't want to lose at the entrance to the Caverns of Chaos.

Special cases Edit

Armour with the "trapped" prefix cannot be removed through most normal means of uncursing -- the item must be destroyed to be removed.

Some corrupting artifacts, such as the Moon Sickle, the Crown of Chaos, and the Medal of Chaos cannot be uncursed using holy water; instead these items will transform the holy water into a potion of raw chaos.

Rare cases Edit

If you are wielding a cursed potion it will shatter upon hitting monster, so in theory you can "weed out" cursed potions that way without getting stuck -- at the cost of losing them, of course.

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