Mindcraft is the unique power of the Mindcrafter. Although it appears similar to a wizard's spellcasting, it is in fact an entirely different discipline; whereas wizardry is devoted to arcane power brought out by long study, mindcrafting focuses on drawing out the inherent capabilities of the brain to link with other brains, creating force blasts, reinforcing one's body and even translocating beings.

As such, it behaves differently to normal magic:

  • Mindcraft does not have a concept similar to spell knowledge and thus its powers may be used an unlimited amount of times.
  • Unlike spells, Mindcraft powers cannot be used with insufficient PP.

Telepathic (abbreviated TP) powers such as Confusion Blast go through walls and doors, and ignore DV and PV, but do not work on the mindless creatures*, constructs or undead. Linking with undead brains damages the practitioner's own brain, while corrupted minds transfer some of their corruption. Corrupted beings are still telepathically damaged or confused. A number of enemies are strong-willed enough to resist confusion attacks.

Telekinetic (abbreviated TK) powers like Telekinetic Blast project a bolt of force energy that acts like physical attack, which never misses but is reduced by target's PV. Thus it can be used on all enemies (except incorporeal creatures like ghosts**) without any psychic backslash from undead or corruption from chaos creatures.

Sustained (abbreviated S) powers enhance mindcrafter himself/herself as long as they are active. Such abilities will continuously deplete power points while active but can be turned on and off at will.

The following table uses the following abbreviations:

  • W stands for Willpower score
  • CL stands for PC's experience level.

Name Description Formula Type Level Gained
Teleport Control Intrinsic teleport control which cannot be lost. N/A N/A 1
Confusion Blast Bolt which travels in a straight line and performs a confusion attack on every creature it passes through. Range is increased by Willpower and experience level. N/A TP 1
Confusion Wave Performs a confusion attack on every creature in an area around the PC. Radius is increased by Willpower and experience level. N/A TP 3
Mind Blast Bolt which travels in a straight line and performs a damaging attack on every creature it passes through. Range is increased by Willpower and experience level. ((W + CL) / 6 + 1)d5 TP 6
Mental Shield While active, increases the PC's DV and PV. DV: + ((W + CL) / 5)
PV: + ((W + CL) / 8)
S 9
Mind Wave Performs a damaging attack on every creature in an area around the PC. Radius is increased by Willpower and experience level. ((W + CL) / 6 + 1)d5 TP 13
Telekinetic Blast Emits a physical force blast on an adjacent target. Will destroy any trapped door unless it is occupied by a phasing monster (e.g. ghost, earth elemental). ((W / 5) + CL)d3 TK 15
Eyes of the Mind Shows all creatures with minds*** on the level. N/A N/A 18
Greater Mental Blast A more damaging and costly version of Mind Blast. ((W + CL) / 6 + 1)d9 TP 25
Greater Telekinetic Blast Emits a physical force blast on any tile in the visible range of the PC. Chance to destroy any diggable wall unless it is occupied by a phasing monster. ((W / 5) + CL)d6 TK 30
Regeneration While active, grants the PC an additional source of Regeneration. 1 HP / turn S 35
Teleport Self Teleports the PC. N/A TK 40
Teleport Other Teleports an adjacent creature. N/A TK 45
Greater Mental Wave A more damaging and costly version of Mind Wave. ((W + CL) / 6 + 1)d9 TP 50

(*)Monsters unaffected by TP powers: all Constructs, all Undead, all Plants, all Jellies except for Gelatinous cube and Gibbering mouther, all Insects except for Ankheg, Giant bee queen, Giant bee warrior, and Giant ant queen, Bulette, Carrion crawler, Chaos spawn, Dorn Beast, Hydra, Moloch, Rabid dog, Swamp hydra, all Worms
(**)Monster unaffected by TK powers: all monsters that can pass through walls
(***)Monsters undetectable with Eyes of the Mind: Green slime, Green blob, all Statues, all Golems, Steel zombie, Steel horror, Animated armor, Zombie

Using mindcraft Edit

Mindcraft provides its practitioners with a number of tactics which are either very limited on other Classes due to the lack of resources or are completely unique.

Confusion is a very debilitating status effect and thus very useful. Monsters that are confused cannot fire missiles, cast spells, or even attack consistently; thus the PC may use missile/magic attacks without any risk at all and engage in melee with reduced chances of being hit back. Some observations seem to indicate that confusion prevents humanoid enemies from summoning, which can be an effective way to simplify dealing with wererats, werewolves, werewolf lords, werewolf kings, werejackals, black wizards, chaos wizards, and even Yulgash (if the PC can stand additional corruption).

Greater Telekinetic Blast is a unique attack which allows the PC to efficiently manage danger from multiple monsters. Completely surrounding himself/herself with weak creatures and attacking more powerful beings from afar almost indefinitely. For example, greater vault of undead which theoretically possess a significant danger for a Mindcrafter due to psychic backslash can be cleared very effectively if lich kings and emperor liches (which represent the prime challenge of such vaults) are first destroyed using Greater Telekinetic Blast.

Wilderness encounters which can present a danger to the PC (especially at low levels) can be evaded using confusion attacks.

Mindcraft provides an easy way to deal with cats. A confused cat may be left behind a closed door or simply outran without the need for high speed, maneuvering space, etc.

As mentioned before, telepathic powers can go through walls and doors. This will allow the PC to attack monsters from adjacent rooms without exposing himself/herself to danger. This is particularly effective against unopened tension rooms or vaults.

As all mindcrafters have intrinsic teleport control it was possible to perform a Darkforge raid very early in the game. Starting equipment for mindcrafters includes several wands and scrolls that opened up the following routes:

However, low starting hit points as well as poor equipment made raiding Darkforge extremely dangerous, as a single steel golem hit or fire breath attack would likely kill the PC. High speed and DV (mainly from Dexterity), as well as the Alertness skill, could help. As of 1.2.0 pre 7 controlled teleportation is no longer possible in Darkforge (Kherab scrambles it while he is alive), making this technique suicidal.