This page is a complete list of all necklaces, amulets, and pendants in ADOM.

Note that necklaces made of iron will damage mist elves for 1 hp/turn while worn. Such necklaces are marked with a gray background for easier identification. Since necklaces are not pre-identified, the following appearances are made of iron: amber, bleak, blue, bronze, copper, electrum, golden, gray, iron, lead, platinum, splendid, steel, tarnished.

Common necklaces Edit

Name Material Weight DL Notes
Amulet of balance Iron 3s 3 Reduces the effect of chaotic or lawful acts on alignment.
Amulet of chaos Adamantium 3s 13 Draws alignment toward C-; damages lawful players.
Amulet of the cold heart Iron 3s 5 Grants resistance to cold, reduces Charisma (base value: -12).
Amulet of death ray resistance Stone 7s 1 Grants resistance to death rays.
Amulet of defense Iron 3s 1 Grants a bonus to DV while worn (base value: +2).
Amulet of free action Iron 3s 5 Grants resistance to paralyzation.
Amulet of greed Iron 3s 1 Detects gold.
Amulet of health Other 3s 5 Shortens time needed to recover from sickness.
Amulet of hunger Iron 3s 8 Autocursing; increases food consumption rate.
Amulet of life saving Iron 3s 2 Resurrects the PC if HP drops below 0; saves Khelavaster.
Amulet of light Glass 3s 1 Lights area around player.
Amulet of luck Iron 8s 5 Grants luck.
Amulet of order Adamantium 3s 13 Draws alignment towards L+; damages chaotic players.
Amulet of perseverance Iron 3s 1 Grants a bonus to Willpower (base value: +3).
Amulet of petrification resistance Stone 3s 1 Grants resistance to petrification.
Amulet of protection Mithril 3s 1 Grants a bonus to PV (base value: +2).
Amulet of protection from constructs Stone 3s 2 Unclear.
Amulet of protection from undead Wood 3s 2 Provides limited resistance against the banshee's wail.
Amulet of speed Iron 3s 5 Adds +3 to speed.
Amulet of teleport control Iron 3s 13 Grants teleportation control while worn.
Amulet of water breathing Iron 3s 15 Grants water breathing while worn.
Brass amulet Gold 3s 1 None.
Necklace of rabies resistance Other 2s 2 Allows PC to eat rabid dog corpses without getting sick.
Necklace of the eye Iron 3s 1 Increases vision range.
Necklace of the silver tongue Other 2s 4 Grants a bonus to Charisma (base value: +3).
Pendant of beauty Other 3s 1 Grants a bonus to Appearance (base value: +4).
Pendant of mana Iron 3s 3 Grants a bonus to Mana (base value: +2).
Necklace of rapid healing Other 2s 2 Greatly increases healing rate: multiplies HP regeneration frequency by a factor of 8/2/1 based on B/U/C status.

Artifact necklaces Edit

Name Source Material Weight Notes
Ankh Carried by Rehetep Gold 3s Adds +2 to PV and +2 to DV; grants luck and makes Fate smile upon you.
Black torc Carried by Keethrax Unknown 3s Autocursing; grants fire, cold and lightning resistance and adds +10 to speed; returns when thrown and is an undead slayer
Amulet of raw steel Rewarded by Kherab for killing Thrundarr Iron 10s Contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption; adds +3 to DV and PV and +12 to Perception, grants resistance to sleep, death rays and stunning; grants the ability to see invisible.
Preserver Crowning, loot Crystal 3s DL 5; grants luck, poison and paralyzation resistance, adds +4 to DV, +4 to PV and +7 to Willpower; grants regeneration ability.
Aylas Holy Scarf Crowning, loot Cloth 5s Adds +10 to DV, +10 to PV and +6 to Charisma
Medal of Chaos Rewarded by Gaab'Baay after completing all her quests Stone 300s Autocursing, contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption, dooms, curses; adds +12 to DV, +3 to PV and +12 to Appearance; grants resistance to petrification and stunning; grants the ability to see invisible and water breathing; necessary for ultra endings

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.

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