The portal (or Griffyard) quest is assigned by Thrundarr when asking him about 'portal' or 'gate'. In this quest, he asks the PC to relieve the spirit of Griff Bloodax from the clutches of an evil necromancer, Nonnak.

Thrundarr also gives PC a pack of items, namely holy symbol, ring of stun resistance, potion of holy water and a bone.


No specific requirements.

Description and walkthroughEdit

The Griffyard is located in the southeast of the map, a bit south of the Infinite Dungeon. The outer level is full of numerous lesser undead and gravestones, and a stairwell down to the lower tombs in the centre of the map. The lower tombs are a heavily trapped area, with the goal being to kill the master necromancer and his main minion undead chaos dwarven berserker in the east side of the map. The master necromancer attacks with magical cold, regenerates health, summons lesser undead, and has an impressive melee attack. He is additionally protected by the Undead Dwarven Berserker, the spirit of Griff Bloodax. The spirit can be killed by pour holy water over his grave, or killing him in melee.

Digging up the grave of Griff Bloodax will reveal the artifact Sword of Nonnak. On the far edge of the room is a small, secret chamber containing a bone golem and the powerful artifact elemental gauntlets.


  • Upon completion of the quest, Thrundarr will give the PC a wand of digging, fireballs, and some potions of extra healing. The quality of these items is rumored to depend on whether or not the PC poured holy water on Griff's Grave, the latter giving much better items; though this has not been verified. Holy water can be poured on the grave even if Griff is killed by other means.
  • Thrundarr will open the portal to the lower CoC
  • Despite these rewards, for many players, the true rewards for this quest are the two artifacts previously mentioned.

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