Rat tail ( % )
Item Type Food
Artifact? No
Weight 3s
Danger Level N/A
Material Nonmetallic

Rat tails are a special type of food in ADOM. They can only be purchased from ratling traders, When eaten, rat tails grant a certain amount of satiation that depends on their B/U/C status, which is 25/20/10 respectively. Trolls, orcs, and ratlings generate a special message upon eating them, but the satiation values are the same.


Food gain is very low, since it would take 25 turns to eat an amount of them equal to a ration and Arena has better food in cooked lizards and fried bats, these have no real uses in normal games.

Guaranteed/Common SourcesEdit

They can be purchased from ratling traders in the Arena (and occasionally in the High Mountain Village).

Greater Identify informationEdit

------------------------------rat tail----------------------------

When used in melee combat it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1 points of
damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1
points of damage.

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