Ratling fodder is an often disparaging term used by players for items that are artifacts, and usually easy to obtain, but not really all that useful. Artifacts of this kind are generally used to satisfy the hunger of the demented ratling on the way to an ultra ending.

Popular ratling fodder includes, for instance, Moon Sickle, the Phial of Caladriel , Rolf's Companion, Big Punch, the Ring of the High Kings (once the Eternal Guardian is gone) and the Crown of Science . Subpar crowning gifts or pre-crowning gifts typically also end up used this way.

As of version 1.2.0 the game features an additional guaranteed artifact that can be acquired early in the game and fed to the demented ratling — the Tome of donors.

Items usually regarded as fodderEdit

The artifacts used in any particular game will vary depending on play-style and personal preference. A table of commonly used artifacts can be found below. Keep in mind that "Reasons to keep" is not equivalent to "Good reasons to keep".

Artifact name Reasons to use Reasons to keep
Black Torc Autocursing, grants bad luck Grants a often-useful speed bonus, is a good missile weapon
Phial of Caladriel The phial is not very useful, on the whole Only useful if the player does not possess a torch or the Light spell. Works as infinite blinding potion on humanoids.
Black Tome The corrupting nature of the black tome makes it not often used For spellcasters with few spellbooks and plenty of corruption removal items, this is useful
Cat's Claw A very weak weapon with an even weaker slaying ability Its Dexterity bonus benefits missile users and other non-melee fighters.
Big Punch Its excessive weight makes it awkward to use If you're strong enough to carry it, it makes a powerful weapon
Crown of science Its cursing and dooming nature mean it is risky to wear However, it grants a very helpful learning boost and immunity to fire
Moon Sickle It is autocursing and corrupts every time you use it For players with plenty of corruption removal and few strong weapons, Moon Sickle can be useful. Also it is useful for item polymorphing.
Sword of Nonnak For non-spellcasters, the sword of nonnak is not very useful For spellcasters, the Willpower bonus of the sword can be very useful
Ring of the High Kings After passing the Eternal guardian, this becomes nearly useless It does have some helpful resistances
Golden Gladius If not trading this item in for the Tactics skill, the GG is close to useless The tactics skill can be quite useful
Axe of the minotaur emperor Its excessive weight makes it awkward to use If you're strong enough to carry it, it makes an extremely powerful weaponparticularly as of v. 1.2.0.
Potion of literacy Literacy can also be gained by eating the corpse of a dark sage, or with a Wish This is the only guaranteed way of gaining Literacy
Tome of donors Repeated uses will increase cooldown time beyond practically useful; granted bonuses become of minor importance in the late game Does not seem to have maximum charges so can (technically) be used indefinitely

In summary, you simply have to ask yourself: which of these artifacts am I going to miss least?

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