Salamander is the first month of summer in Ancardia.


Magic (especially fire), Eloquence

Bonus Edit

Fire magic is 20% cheaper in power points, +1 to initial Charisma, +3 to initial Mana, +20% to power points (always).

Bonus evaluation Edit

Fire magic is 20% cheaper in power points Edit

A significant number of monsters in ADOM are immune to fire damage making which lowers the effectiveness of fire magic. Moreover, fire spells are equal or weaker than their counterparts of other elements (particularly acid). Finally, all fire spells are already cheaper than their counterparts. Overall, the effect of this bonus is not particularly noticeable with the possible exception for relatively expensive Improved Fireball spell. Fire magic includes: Burning Hands, Fire Bolt, Fireball, Improved Fireball.

+1 to initial CharismaEdit

Charisma is one of the least important attributes, governing minor effects like companion interaction and shop prices for male PCs — a single point increase will unlikely be noticeable, even in the early game.

+3 to initial ManaEdit

Mana attribute is usually easily trained by casting spells. As Salamander is a primarily spellcaster star sign the increase is not very effective, unless the player chooses fighter-oriented races like trolls or orcs. However, a three point increase may serve to boost starting Mana score over the value of 17, which allows the player to choose an additional talent during character creation.

+20% to power points (always)Edit

The last bonus provided by Salamander should easily be the most powerful — boosting already significant PP supplies of spellcasting classes (provided the player chooses one). Players creating a character with an attempt to reach the archmage status might consider choosing Salamander star sign above others.

In ADOM versions prior to r56, PP bonuses are not calculated properly due to a bug: [1]. Fractional values are discarded, so the PC must gain at least 5 PP in a single level up to gain 1 extra point of PP. Because even spellcasters average less than 10 PP per level, the actual PP bonus per level hovers between 0% and 11%.

Conclusion Edit

Salamander star sign is obviously designed for spellcasting classes: Wizards, Druids, Priests, Necromancers and Elementalists (whose primarily fire-based magic will also benefit). Salamander would also a great choice for Mindcrafters, especially if the player chooses a race badly fit for magic (low Mana and power point progression). Since the 20% PP bonus discards fractional values (as intended), the ability is significantly less powerful than it appears.

Characters intending to maximize their PP bonus should focus on raising their Mana stat as high as possible before leveling up in order to make it more likely they will gain enough PP to trigger the bonus.

The effectiveness of Salamander for semi-spellcasters depends heavily on the play style. Melee-oriented race & class combinations are unlikely to benefit from Salamander.

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