Scroll of omnipotence ( ? )
Item Type Scroll
Artifact? Presumably
Weight Unknowns
Danger Level Unknown
Material Paper

The Scroll of omnipotence is a legendary item in ADOM. It has never been proven to exist, though many theories abound as to how it might be obtained. It is alluded to by Khelavaster and the Strange message in the High Mountain Village.

The weird tome is thought to be a teaser, or possibly the way to find the Scroll of omnipotence. If read with the right skills etc., it will say the following:

  • This book is filled with strange texts written in weird letters.
  • You have difficulties concentrating on the text.
    • ... try for a while but finally surrender in a pretty confused state.
    • Your understanding of the art of reading is too incomplete to understand the text.
    • After a while you manage to focus your sight on the text.
      • The tome seems to contain strange tunes you don't understand.
      • The text contains a strange collection of tunes, songs and instrumental pieces.
        • ... have no idea, what all this means.
        • It seems to be some kind of code, hinting at some ancient powerful magic, a scroll or something like that...
          • ... fail to decipher it.

The game lacks any code that would allow a PC to read the tome. All attempts to read it result in failure.

Code diving has also produced the following lines, purported to be the possible options when reading the scroll. They appear to show that only a champion of Chaos/Balance/Order can read the scroll. As no one has managed to find the scroll, let alone read it, this is all theoretical.

  • ...You read the scroll of omnipotence
    • As you read the scroll you suddenly feel great power surging through your body.
      • You feel invincible and your abilities are increased by enourmous amounts! Now you are a true champion of %s!
      • ..Immediately you realize that this was a big mistake as you are not prepared for the wave of power that suddenly floats your body. You are ripped to pieces almost instantly!


Very, very desirable.

Guaranteed/Common sourcesEdit

No sources are known for the scroll, and it is thought to not exist. However, there are many unproven or unprovable theories about possible ways to get the scroll. Feel free to add more theories to the talk page.

Greater Identify informationEdit


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