Stunned is a status condition in ADOM. It prevents or interferes with the usage of many game commands, though it does not render the PC completely helpless (as being paralyzed or asleep would). It is very similar to confusion, but generally not as common or dangerous.

Effects on the PCEdit

Perhaps the most significant effect of stunning is that the PC becomes disorientated — meaning that if the PC attempts to move, (s)he will end up stumbling in a random direction. This does not affect the PC's ability to wait on the spot, however, so (s)he can attempt to remain in one place whilst waiting for the condition to wear off.

Whilst stunned, there are many things that the PC cannot do at all. These actions include:

  • Drinking ("Your hands shake too much to open a potion.")
  • Reading
  • Shooting
  • Zapping wands
  • Applying most skills (as of v. 1.2.0)
  • Searching
  • Dipping items into potions ("Your hands are too shaky for dipping anything.")
  • Spitting acid ("In your current state you would spit anything but acid if you tried to...")
  • Cleaning ears or face (as of v. 1.2.0)

Attempting to cast spells whilst stunned carries a high failure rate, which appears to be about 60-65%, and may depend on Willpower. There is also a high chance that the PC will be too stunned to kick anything. If the PC does a controlled teleport whilst stunned, (s)he will end up landing on a random space somewhere near where they wanted to go due to lack of concentration (if this causes the PC to land on an occupied space (s)he will teleport randomly instead, but with the message "Strange... this doesn't seem to work." instead of the usual "Impossible." message).


  • Monster attacks: Whilst no specific monsters have the ability to stun the PC, the PC may occasionally become stunned by the force of a monster attack if it depletes his/her HP to a critical level.
  • Traps: Door traps that cause a sudden flash can stun the PC, as well as occasionally blinding him/her (both effects can be prevented with stun resistance, in which case the flash becomes a 'minor electric shock').
  • Eating monsters: Eating displacer beasts stuns the PC, as well as confusing and teleporting him/her.
  • Use of items: If the PC reads a spellbook but fails to understand it, there is a chance that (s)he can end up becoming stunned. Non-trollish PCs that eat a cursed hurthling cake will be stunned by the revelation that it actually contains hurthling.
  • Misc: After Kranf Niest gives the Healing skill to the PC, (s)he will wake up confused and stunned. Winning a huge amount of gold at a casino machine may cause the PC to become very stunned.


Stunning can only be removed by prayer, though it does not last for long anyway. Intrinsic stun resistance gives the PC immunity to the condition. Note that whilst there is an intended remedy for stunning — the potion of stun recovery — it can't be used because the PC can't open potions whilst stunned.

Effects on monstersEdit

Stunning has similar effects on monsters as confusion: they stumble around randomly when making a move, and can't use special powers. (Monsters such as balors can still teleport around, though; perhaps they just lose their power to control where they teleport?)

Monsters can be stunned by the following means:

  • Magic: Stun rays can be created by a spell or wand. They appear to have an unusually high chance to be shrugged off by monsters, though.
  • Class powers: Beastfighters (level 40+) and Thieves (level 25+) can occasionally stun opponents on critical hits. Level 40+ Fighters can use a bash attack that may stun an opponent. Level 18+ Duelists will stun an opponent if (s)he gives them gauntlets.
  • Items: Weapons and missiles with the suffix 'of thunder' can stun opponents on successful hits. Throwing a potion of cure poison stuns monsters that have a poisonous attack.

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