I did this. Those of you with actual experience making their own archmages, please feel free to correct the various error-ridden pieces of information contained therein. 00:50, December 29, 2009 (UTC) (Silfir)

DL of Spellbook of WishEdit

  • From talk on the official forums, I understand that the DL of all spellbooks is 1. Every few months a thread is made by some relative newbie (in adom terms a newbie is anyone except Soirana or Grey) who has just found a SoW in some really low level area - ID1 is a popular one. So, I do believe it is a DL 1 item, but I've been working my DL testing on an exclusion basis. If I find an item myself, I write it down, otherwise it waits as an unknown. So yeah. Some day I have to do large-scale testing of spellbooks in particular to see if I can create them all on D:1, but it isn't my highest priority. Ascyron 20:04, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Potions of Healing from Jharod Edit

The page mentions repeatedly completing Jharod's healing quest by healing gremlins in the water dragon's cave. No matter how many gremlins you heal, when you complete the quest he gives you one potion and it resets. Only really feasible if you do not mind traveling betweed WDL and VD:4 once per potion. 05:14, May 27, 2011 (UTC)Four Tildes


Darknight does not reduce cost of Wish spell. Soirana82.140.178.248 11:30, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

Problems/Bad advice on this pageEdit

Why is any alternative besides the mana orb method even mentioned? It is objectively the best way. Waiting to regenerate PP between casts is ludicrous in comparison. The Terinyo suggestion is accordingly rather pointless when the PC can go to any wilderness square for the noncorruption factor. However, if convenience is to be taken into account, it would be better just to do it on an aligned altar to make it easier to detect item status and bless things. You will run out of potions of water, and wishing for more and dipping for more is definitely viable but more tedious than reading 1 extra scroll of corruption removal during the entire archmgae process (that is: until you run out of things to wish for and you jack your stats back up to 99). Unless you don't have any aligned altars until like d:50 or scintillating cave, in which case the background corruption might actually be a relevant factor, but that seems unlikely. 

The page seems full of suggestions that are just pointless. WTF is up with the suggestion of wishing for potions of booze to recharge wands to get PP from the mana battery corruption? Wishing for power not only takes an order of magnitude less time but is objectively better. 

It is not accurate to say that your mana will remain at 99 with the Mana orb route. It will slowly, but on average, also drop to 1. Such is life. 


Man, this page is a huge mess. I might try to clean it up some time later, but I haven't done an archmage in practice, so I can probably do some damage. Although the booze suggestion really sounds pretty silly with about 10 key presses right next to a quarduply effective 1-key press power wish. Ln (talk) 20:42, September 6, 2015 (UTC)

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