Thieves are one of the more challenging classes in ADOM, particularly in the early game. Their starting equipment, stats, and skills are decidedly mediocre — generally comparable with those of Merchants, for example — with the exception of a rather impressive Heir gift. A thief's skillset is geared heavily toward skullduggery and stealth, featuring the desirable Alertness and Detect Traps, as well as Appraising, Disarm traps, Pick locks, and Pick Pockets. As they advance, thieves become much more competent, gaining a number of handy class powers such as automatic searching, stunning criticals, and an impressive speed boost. Gnomes and Hurthlings are normally recommended for Thieves to better ensure the availability of the Heir gift, but Orcs, Dwarves, Drakelings, Trolls or Ratlings are all possibilities for players wishing for a more durable start.

Basic Information Edit

Base Stats Edit

The base stats for male Thieves are tabulated below. Female Thieves will, on average, have -1 Strength and +1 Dexterity compared to males. Note that any value may vary from these typical values by around +/-5 due to starsigns or birth effects, and further if the question system is not employed. See Talk:Archer for details on how these tables were generated.

Thieves have high dexterity and perception, as well as a learning score that is generally sufficient to ensure literacy for most races.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 12 15 10 14 13 12 12  13 15 
Troll 22  6 11  24  7 6 11 
High Elf 12  16  21  11  12 17  17  21 
Gray Elf 12  16  10  20  9 9 22  20  21 
Dark Elf 11  12  12  21  12 15 21  20
Dwarf 15 13  11 13 17 11  11 13 17
Gnome 11  13 17 15 14  12 18 17
Hurthling 7 12  10 21  16 14  12 11 15
Orc 17  10  10 14 17 9 9 12 
Drakeling 16  12  12 13 17 12 10  13 14

Starting Skills Edit

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Alertness 25 4d4 No
Appraising 10 4d5 No
Backstabbing 10 4d5 Yes
Climbing 50 4d5 N/A
Detect Traps 30 4d5 Yes
Disarm traps 30 4d5 Yes
First Aid 25 4d5 N/A
Haggling 30 3d4 N/A
Listening 50 4d4 N/A
Pick locks 40 4d5 Yes
Pick Pockets 35 4d5 Yes
Stealth 40 4d4 Yes

Crowning Gifts Edit

Many players consider the crowning gifts for Thieves to be the worst in the game. Of these, only the Cloak of Oman is truly exceptional, although Whirlwind is useful on occasion as well. The silver key made a notably useless crowning gift in versions of the game prior to 1.2.0 since Thieves already specialize in unlocking doors safely, so it has since been granted the extra utility of allowing the PC to create locked, trapped doors.

Special Abilities Edit

Class Abilities Edit

  • Thieves have no known inherent class abilities; however, it is worth pointing out that beyond level 6, Thieves become essentially immune to traps.
  • Heir gift is an adamantium dagger of penetration with typical stats (1d4 + 5). This weapon is considered extremely desirable and many players find themselves using this weapon for significant portions of the game.

Class Powers Edit

  • Level 6: Automatically searches at every step.
  • Level 12: Backstabbing gets more deadly. The exact effect is extra 2x modifier for backstabs according Soirana's testing, this can be further multiplied by critical hit and blessed weapon against some enemies. So this could be 2x for backstab 2x for level power 2x critical 1.5x against undead and daemons for total 12x.
  • Level 18: Ability to rob shops. Fairly annoying since it adds a prompt every time an item is picked up in a store.
  • Level 25: Critical hits will stun opponents. Note that this effect works on practically everything, including powerful opponents and bosses.
  • Level 32: Better loot from pickpockets. Skews the loot distribution of the Pick Pockets skill strongly in favour of powerful items. These can include amulet of life saving, wand of wishing, rings of djinni summoning, potion of gain attributes, etc.
  • Level 40: Speed is increased by 20.
  • Level 50: PC is invisible while touching a wall (and not using a torch).

Starting Gear Edit

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling
Mist Elf Ratling