Toughness is one of the main attributes in ADOM, the fifth value displayed to the right of your character's name. Its abbreviation is To.

Purposes Edit

Toughness has two very important effects on your character's abilities:

  • Hit points: Toughness is the main stat used to determine the player's maximum hit points; roughly one hit point is given for each two points of To, as well as one per level (+9 HP at level 10, +19 HP at level 20, and so on) at Toughness of [2/4/6/8] 14/16/18/20/23/26/29/34/38/45/50/60/70/80/90 (2/4/6/8 checks had weird results in testing; gains for mist elves at all levels need to be verified). Strength and Willpower have minor additional influence.
  • PV: The character gains one point of natural PV for every two points of Toughness starting with 20. This is a rather high Toughness score for most starting characters, but does result in a significant increase in sturdiness once the line is crossed. This increase is capped at 58 toughness (+20 PV).

Toughness affects starting natural HP regeneration, but only to a minor degree; the character's race is the defining factor.

The Toughness stat also has some influence on the PC's ability to resist becoming paralyzed (at least from wands of paralyzation[1], maybe from monster attacks as well).

How to train it Edit

As of 1.2.0 stat training respects potentials (meaning training will not raise potential).

Herbs Edit

Toughness is very easy to train using morgia roots. B/U/C status doesn't matter; they always have a positive effect (contrary to mosses of mareilon, which have a negative effect on Dexterity when cursed). The more roots you eat, the more likely the increase is going to be - four roots are usually enough for an increase.

There is a hard cap on this method in that morgia roots will not work for Toughness if it is already at 25. For this reason, eat as many morgia roots as you can when you are at 24, as this will often lead to additional Toughness increases on top.

Version 1.2.0 Edit

As of version 1.2.0 morgia roots won't train Toughness (and Willpower) if it is at the potential (can be checked with '@' command). Changes introduced in version 1.2.0 also make checks against the base value of the attribute instead of the effective value (modified by worn equipment, and other factors), rendering training tactics based on lowering stats by external means to avoid various threshold values obsolete.

Version 1.1.1 Edit

Training in version 1.1.1 takes into account the effective value of the attribute, not the base one. Thus, it was possible to raise Toughness above value 25 with morgia roots.

Corpses Edit

Also, Toughness can be trained by eating the corpse of a hydra or any variety of hill orcs. From these only hill orc sergeants seem to be reliable.

Garth Edit

Another main method to increase Toughness is by spending money to train with Garth. Higher values require progressively higher amounts of gold, meaning there is a soft cap on this method. After morgia training is finished, it costs a lot of money to raise stats through training with Garth, so usually Casino money is used.

How to raise itEdit

Corpses Edit

The most notable sources of Toughness foods are, a bit surprisingly, the corpses of certain undead: namely wights, wraiths, spectres and vampires. These shift the character's alignment towards chaotic if consumed. They are effective for a while past the 25 point achievable by morgia roots, but the chance to gain a point of Toughness lowers as the attribute value becomes higher. Still, getting these corpses is generally one of the things to look forward to when tackling the undead-heavy areas of the game. Some especially powerful end-game monsters, such as wyrms or molochs, also grant Toughness increases upon eating.

Stat potions Edit

As with all of the attributes, potions of toughness and potions of gain attributes can be used to increase Toughness. There is no soft or hard cap for using these; blessed potions of gain attributes give +1 (to all other stats also), uncursed potions of toughness give +1, blessed potions +2. For this reason, these potions should be blessed, and drunk once all other methods have stopped working.

A concession may have to be made for potions of toughness since they also happen to be the most nutritious item that can be consumed in a single turn, along with the potion of potential toughness.

Starsign Edit

The Dragon starsign grants a +1 Toughness bonus. As of ADOM v. 1.2.0, Tree gives a +2 Toughness boost.

Class powers Edit

  • Barbarians receive +3 Toughness as part of their level 32 class power.
  • Farmers receive +3 Toughness as part of their level 40 class power.
  • Beastfighters and Bards receive +6 Toughness as part of their level 50 class power.
  • Weaponsmiths receive +8 Toughness as their level 40 class power.
  • Healers receive +8 Toughness as part of their level 50 class power.
  • Chaos Knights receive roughly +1d2 Toughness as their level 25 class power.

Talents Edit

The "Tough" talent that is only available at the start of the game increases initial Toughness by 2.

Corruption Edit

There are no corruptions that give bonuses to Toughness.

How to Abuse It Edit

Food Edit

A lot of corpses, for instance those of dark elves, will decrease Toughness if eaten. Most will raise another stat in exchange, but not necessarily a more useful one.

Undead Edit

Many undead monsters list the ability to drain Toughness among their nasty types of attacks. These include, funnily enough, all those whose corpses actually increase Toughness: wights, wraiths, spectres and vampires. Care should be taken to either destroy these quickly and well-armored in melee, or fight from a distance.

Corruption Edit

Three corruptions affect Toughness: very light (-6), maggot breeding (-6) and bulging cranium (-3).

Casting spells from health Edit

As of ADOM v. 1.2.0, casting spells from health abuses Toughness and Willpower (on top of the Mana abuse that it has in v. 1.1.1).

Class powers Edit

Necromancers gain a class power at level 50 that lets them escape from most forms of death by sacrificing half their Toughness score and HP.

Aging Edit

Toughness gradually reduces with age; the stat first decreases when PC reaches middle age, then further at each stage in their lifecycle after that.

Items Edit

Several items in the game will grant a Toughness bonus if worn (standard bonus in brackets). These include:

Requirements Edit

Toughness Required for
10 Hardy
12 Beast of Burden
Tough Skin
15 Very Hardy
Iron Skin
20 Extremely Hardy
Steel Skin

References Edit