Undead are a class of monsters consisting of reanimated corpses and spirits. They can be created by PC Necromancers using Necromancy, summoned by NPC Necromancers, or found randomly. The Dwarven Graveyard and the more generic, CoC Graveyard both feature massive numbers of undead. You can find even yet more undead by digging up the graves in a graveyard.

Powers Edit

All undead see in the dark while only liches and mummies see invisible. Undead monsters, except skeletons, skeletal warriors and zombies, have special attacks and abilities. All undead are immune to death rays, blindness, confusion, stunning, paralysis, and poison.

Undead Special powers Other notes
Ghost, ghost lord, ghost king, ghost bat Aging melee attack Pass through walls, unaffected by Telekinetic Blast
Ghul Paralyzing melee attack
Spectre, wight, wraith, vampire Strength- and Toughness-draining melee attack Corpses may grant a point of Toughness (with a negative alignment shift)
Shadow centipede, shadow, shadow lord, shadow troll Strength-draining melee attack
Slow shadow Strength-draining, slowing melee attack
Revenant Poisoning melee attack Regenerates, vulnerable to fire
Steel zombie PV-bypassing melee attack Regenerates
Lich Spellcraft: confusion, glowing balls, full heal, curse Immune to cold, vulnerable to fire
Master lich Spellcraft: confusion, glowing balls, full heal, curse, summon lesser undead; paralyzing melee attack
Lich king Spellcraft: confusion, glowing balls, full heal, curse, summon random monsters, stat drains; paralyzing melee attack
Emperor lich Spellcraft: confusion, glowing balls, full heal, curse, summon random monsters, stat drains, death ray; paralyzing melee attack
Mummy, greater mummy Sickness-inducing melee attack Vulnerable to fire, may drop mummy wrappings
Rehetep Sickness-inducing melee attack Unique; vulnerable to fire, drops ancient mummy wrapping and ankh
Skeletal king Spellcraft: confusion, glowing balls, summon skeletal warriors/skeletons
Shadow wyrm Spellcraft: glowing balls, summon lesser undead; breathes cold; aging melee attack Corpse may increase Dexterity and always lowers Toughness

Paladin's and Necromancer's class powers give resistance against special attacks triggered by melee hits (no resistance against spellcraft). Amulets of protection from undead, despite their name, do not help in this case.

How to deal with the undead Edit

  • Tactics: All special attacks except spells cast by liches are only in power in melee range. Moreover, their effect can only be triggered on successful hits. Avoiding melee whatsoever or having very high DV and PV will significantly reduce the damage the PC can sustain.
  • Turning undead: Paladins and Priests have the ability to turn undead when they are in good standing with their deity. When turned, any affected undead will become scared and attempt to flee. Holding a holy symbol and using it will accomplish the same thing, but this costs a small amount of piety. High level Priests can instantly destroy undead through a class power.
  • Bonus damage: Weapons of the sun will do double damage to the undead. Blessed items will similarly inflict +50% damage on undead (and demons). As usual, weapons that slay undead will always do critical hits. This includes arrows of undead slaying/quarrels of undead slaying (and sling bullets of undead slaying as of 1.2.x); any arrow shot with the artifact bow Sun's Messenger; artifact weapons Purifier, Vanquisher, Justifier, rune-covered trident and the trident of the Red Rooster. A mace of disruption is one of the few non-artifact weapons in the game with slaying powers and also targets undead. Black torc slays undead if used as missile.

Ashen weapons don't do any damage to undead

Undead and mindcraft Edit

Mindcrafters are warned to never use their (mind-damaging) powers against the undead, as the experience causes a backlash, harming the Mindcrafter. At very high levels, they become more resistant to this damage, but they never become immune to it. Note that telekinetic powers (Telekinetic Blast and Greater Telekinetic Blast) are safe to use against undead as they do not cause backlash damage.

Undead are also not visible for Eyes of the Mind.

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