[Character] the Forgotten Vampire
Location Special
Monster type Undead
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? Semi-unique
Sees invisible? Unknown
Sees in the dark? Unknown
Magic resistance {{{MagicRes}}}
1.1.1 KPL N/A

Undead Player Characters are semi-unique undead monsters that are presumed to have first appeared in ADOM v. 1.2.0 r48 along with Vile Spirits. They are the spirits of past, slain player characters of other players that have now been twisted by Chaos into evil monstrosities. Any dungeon where a player character of a Steam friend were killed by undead is capable of spawning a an Undead Player Character in your playthroughs, and the monster is always named after the slain player with a suffix, though it is as yet uncertain whether the suffix changes or is always the same, as only one has been seen so far. Thus far, the only suffix seen has been 'the Forgotten'.

Each Undead Player Character exhibits a set of special powers that varies between each instance and presumably dependent on the type of Undead that they become. Their attacks often have the ability to drain Strength or Toughness (or both) and/or can pierce armor, which can make them very dangerous in melee combat. They also inherit some power from the equipment that was worn on their former body; their attack power seems to be boosted based on the weapon that they were wielding, and they can use whatever missiles they had equipped. They may also have additional powers such as elemental/status resistances, that may or may not depend on the intrinsic powers that their bodies had. (this has not been confirmed, but is presumed to be the same as Vile Spirits)

When slain, Undead Player Characters will leave behind equipment carried by the character that they spawned from; these items will be cursed, however, and may also be broken and/or rusty (where possible). (again, unconfirmed, presumed true as per Vile Spirits)

They have so-far only been witnessed in the Infinite Dungeons, but presumably can spawn anywhere in the same manner as Vile Spirits.

The (dead) character seen in this example was slain by a vampire and rose as one too, so it appears likely that the manner of death may limit how they come back, what type of undead and what their powers may be too.

Special abilitiesEdit


Common statsEdit

Unknown; may partially depend on the attributes of the character that the Undead Player Character spawned from.

Corpse effectsEdit

Unknown, presumably doesn't spawn corpses.

Monster memoryEdit

(May depend on Undead type) Vampire: These undead suck the life force from their victims, sometimes visiting a fate worse than death upon them--a continued existence thirsting for the life force of others. The skin is pale when the vampire hungers, taking on a rosy glow shortly after feeding. {Character Name} {Suffix} the Vampire is formed of the remains of the adventurer {Character Name}.

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