Second month of spring in Ancardia.

Symbolism Edit

Laws, Neutral Magic, Leadership

Bonus Edit

Lawful tendencies (it's harder to change), spells for neutral casters are 10% cheaper in power points, +2 to initial Charisma, starts out with lawful tendencies but gets +2 to Mana and 10 more power points if neutral initially.

Breakdown Edit

Lawful Tendencies Edit

+500 to initial Alignment. "Lawful tendencies" works only if the character is lawful already. Although the bonus is rather significant, according to testing it is approximately 10% less alignment drop due to chaotic actions. For lawful actions the reduction seems to depend on PC level. Whether that stacks with amulet of balance and other things is not known at the moment.

25% might save you from being fallen champion. Although alignment is not so hard to manipulate and high level somewhat decreases alignment flexibility.

Spells For Neutral Casters Are 10% Cheaper In Power Points Edit

Nice, but more for semi spellcasters. Effect works as long as character is some sort of neutral flavor. A late game wizard probably has spells capped at 50% due to class powers and spell power anyway. Early on... on most bolt spells this pretty much saves one PP per cast.

+2 to Initial Charisma Edit

Charisma has some interaction with shop prices and checks to successfully issue orders to companions and pets but the bonus is way too small to be noticed in game.

Starts out with lawful tendencies but gets +2 to Mana and 10 more power points if neutral initially Edit

Main bonus. While Mana is easy to train for a full spellcaster, permanent 10 bonus appears significant [bonus stays if character changes alignment]. However, due to the way ADOM calculates PP bonuses at level up, it is unlikely for most characters to actually receive the bonus. At level up, ADOM multiplies the amount of PP gained by the bonus and discards fractions. Thus, this bonus does not apply unless the player gains at least 10 PP when leveling up. Even spellcasters are unlikely to consistently receive any bonus PP at all, barring an exceptionally high Mana stat. Realistic expected bonus PP is between 0 and 5.2%, with 0% being the most common reward per level.

Worth nothing is that although normally healers do not start with neutral alignmment, Wand-born healers of chaotic races (orcs, dark elves and trolls) start at N-. Necromancers of lawful races also start at some sort of neutral alignment and so would qualify for the bonus.

Conclusion Edit

Month made for neutral casters. It is probably even stronger on non-wizards, relatively speaking, since the spell cost reduction is more of a factor for them. Gray elven wizard is a popular choice for Wand-borns, although combinations like dark elven healers or dwarven necromancers benefit greatly as well.