Water grue
Location Water Temple
Monster type Construct
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? No
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance Medium
1.1.1 KPL 5

Water grue is a type of monster in ADOM. Like all grues, they are construct demons with corrupting attacks. Their attacks also poison. They can swim, and are highly vulnerable to fire attacks.

Grues are generally very rare to find in dungeons, though a lot of water grues appear in the Water Temple.

Special abilitiesEdit

Common statsEdit

Level: 1, DV: 29, PV: 16, Hits: 120, Attacks: 2, Speed: 100.

Corpse effectsEdit

Grues don't leave corpses.

Monster memoryEdit

You'd say that was a huge fish coming your way, but no fish has four legs and no fish has that many horns. You can't seem to get a good look at it though, as it's hiding deep in the shadows. For such a large critter it's very stealthy... you've barely heard it make a sound. The nails on that thing could easily make sure you can't tell anyone else about this monstrosity either...

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