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Wishing is one of the most powerful features in ADOM. When you receive a wish, you can ask for (almost) any item, skill, monster, or stat. However, they are extremely rare and it is quite possible to go an entire game without getting one.

Obtaining a wishEdit

There are five ways of obtaining a wish in ADOM. Note that it is impossible to wish for any of the first three items on the list, making wishing for wishes a fool's game. Wands of wishing cannot be recharged by any known means. Casting the Wish spell always drains 10 points of a random stat. Getting a wish from a wand of wonder is safe, because the needed PP exceeding the PC's available PP comes from some unknown source. The -10 drain still occurs though.

Common ways to obtain those items are:

Wish engineEdit

A wish engine can be summarized like this: A way of creating unlimited or near-unlimited wishes by transforming rings on a dungeon level with a high enough danger level to create Rings of djinni summoning. See full details on creating and using a wish engine on the Wish engine page.


An Archmage is defined as a character who has enough PP and HP to bookcast from a Spellbook of wish with 1 Mana and Toughness and survive, granting unlimited wishes. See the Archmage page for more advice on creating an archmage.

What to wish forEdit

There is no one most important item to wish for in ADOM. Depending on your individual character's wants and needs, you will find yourself wishing for different things. A guide on the most common wishes can be found at what to wish for.

See also what not to wish for.

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