First month of winter in Ancardia.


Hunt, Ferocity, Community with Nature, Devotion, Loyalty

Bonus Edit

Version 1.1.1 and earlier Edit

+3 to initial Perception, +3 to initial Willpower, food is more nutritious for you (by +10%).

Version 1.2.0 Edit

+3 to initial Perception, +3 to initial Willpower, food is more nutritious for you (by +25%).

Bonus evaluation Edit

+3 to initial Perception Edit

Perception attribute influences PC's visible range, as well as improves searching abilities (easier detection of hidden doors, possibly traps). Overall, it is not extremely important, but provides advantage for certain aspects, such as ranged combat, etc.

+3 to initial Willpower Edit

Bonus to Willpower is quite good, although this attribute is easily trained with herbs (at least in version 1.1.1 and earlier).

Food is more nutritious for you Edit

Food in ADOM typically stops being a serious issue by the time the PC reaches the Arena. The Wolf bonus is still very good, saving both time and money, as well as reducing the chance to face hunger problems in a middle of a serious fight. Drakeling characters, relying on their acid spit ability, can benefit from this bonus, while Troll adventurers will experience less difficulty in managing their increased food requirements.

Conclusion Edit

Wolf doesn't provide very powerful bonuses, but is a solid choice for players who often experience food problems. A boost to Perception may increase PC's visible range allowing for more flexible tactical analysis of game situation, as well as increasing the efficiency of ranged combat. All in all, a solid choice for novice players.

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